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Taken delivery or taking delivery soon?
Apr 11, 2014 - 9:36 AM - by sleepngbear
If you've already taken delivery on your new CTX1300 or will be taking it soon, please double check with your dealer and give your bike a very close visual inspection, particularly around the bottom of the exhaust headers and the handlebar switch housings.

My dealer has just informed me that apparently as many as 90% of these bikes are coming through with shipping damage due to the crates being slightly too small. As a result, header pipes are being scratched and/or flat-spotted on the bottom, and switches or handlebars are getting scratched. Both of the CTX's my dealer has received have some minor damage. The bikes are perfectly safe and rideable, and they will replace any damaged part as soon as replacements come in. The damage to the headers you have to get down on the ground to look for, so it's not even something you're likely to see unless you're looking specifically for it.

I haven't heard anyone else here mention any such thing, so I figured people would want to know. Sounds like Honda is making good on it, but some dealers may be taking a don't-ask-don't-tell stand on it.
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Pictures from the press ride
Apr 02, 2014 - 1:35 PM - by ShadowRider
Honda had a "ride day" for the press in San Diego recently--that's why we are seeing this slew of reviews in the past few days. They have a Facebook page with a dozen photos of that event here:

CTX1300 Press Ride

I don't know if you have to login to Facebook to see these. I don't think so, though I did have to log in before I could make any comments.

It's kind of cool to see a bunch of 1300s all lined up…
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The CTX1300's V-4 vs. V-Twin Engines
Mar 21, 2014 - 2:02 PM - by DonaldD
I'm no expert on engines or anything, but I gather that one thing that sets the CTX1300 apart from other motorcycles is its V-Four engine. Most motorcycles run on a V-Twin. I wanted to do some research to figure out what the benefits of a V-Four engine are when compared to the more common V-Twin. Here's what I found, and please let me know if this is correct, or if you think I missed something.

The main draw of a V-engine of any kind is its balance. Pistons trade energy with each other, instead of with the crankshaft. This results in the crank rotation more smoothly, and the rear tire being undisturbed by piston stop-and-start. A 90 degree V-engine requires the crankshaft to be far back in the chassis though, making it hard to get adequate weight on the front wheel. There are 60 degree V-engines that require more balance shafts but that doesn't really have to do with this comparison.

So what is different between a V-4 and a V-Twin engine? On another forum I'm told that V-4 engines offer a smoother ride than V-Twins and can make more power and torque with less displacement. The power delivery makes for more aggressive throttle input out of corners, in a package much smaller than an inline 4. Is this true?

It seems that Honda in the 80s thought that V4's would be the way of the future. These engines were to produce awesome top end power in a narrow platform, and it lent itself well to handling too. It seems the issue was simply the buying public's preference for V-Twins and I4 configurations. This could possibly be due to the fact that V-Four are generally put in bigger and heavier bikes.

So from what I have read it seems that the more pistons you get involved the smoother the ride will be. V-Fours are obviously bigger and more awkward to fit into bikes, but they do generate a lot of power.

What would you say to someone who is trying to figure out what type of engine would be best for them? Do the things I've written about above apply to the CTX1300's V-Four engine?
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2014 Honda CTX1300 Review – First Ride Review & Video
Mar 21, 2014 - 11:36 AM - by ctx1300admin

Dare we say Honda’s been bingeing on Street Glide-style models? Some may consider it blasphemous to include the CTX in the same sentence with Street Glide, but when it comes to motorcycles sporting fairings with low-cut windscreens and hard luggage, Honda boasts five new ones: CTX1300/Deluxe, CTX700 and Gold Wing F6B/Deluxe.

On second thought, it’s actually unfair to the CTX and F6B to rank them among less-performing models such as Street Glides. In commendable fashion, Honda has taken a risk and created a niche market unto itself, the Sport-Touring-Bagger, comprised of the five models listed above.

We’ve ridden and reviewed the Gold Wing F6B and CTX700, but Honda’s press launch for the CTX1300 outside San Diego was the first opportunity to sample the second, and more substantial, model of the CTX family. You can read about the technical information in our 2014 Honda CTX1300 preview story. For this article, we’re sticking with riding impressions, which we’ll begin by saying that the CTX is as unique in its performance as it is with its styling.

The reengineered 1261cc V-4 motor differs from the ST1300 by way of camshafts, valves, throttle bodies and compression ratio to deliver more low- and mid-range power than its ST counterpart. Like the CTX700, the 1300 has a low, 7,000 rpm redline, which for traditional motorcyclists is a rev ceiling that takes some getting used to. Once familiar with the short-shifting nature of the V-4, keeping the engine in its powerband and riding its flat and seemingly endless torque curve becomes second nature.

Engine performance is accompanied by a pleasingly throaty V-4 exhaust note that’s loud enough to make its presence known when cruising around town but quiet enough to not become bothersome at speed over long distances. We did notice a very unHondalike trait in some harsh off-to-on throttle response, resulting in tedious driveline lash that’s more of a nuisance than a deal breaker. Otherwise, the engine, five-speed transmission and shaft final drive performed dutifully throughout our day trip.

On hand at the intro were both the standard CTX ($15,999) and the Deluxe ($17,499). What you get for the $1,500 increase is ABS, TC (switchable), self-canceling turn signals, an audio package with Bluetooth connectivity, and a blacked-out styling treatment.

Probably a first of its kind, the CTX’s self-cancelling turn signals function via the bike’s TC system. By using the same wheel sensors measuring speed, distance and time parameters, the ECU determines the completion of a turn and terminates the turn signal’s flashing. The system also accounts for changes in tire air pressure and wear-related changes in tire diameter.... [Read More]
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