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Didn't know exactly where to ask this question but the heading says cameras and mounts so I'll give it a go. I have a iPhone 8 and I'm using a Blackweb brand protective case. The case mfg says it's compatible with the no wire lay your phone on it chargers (don't know what they call that). I was online looking for one of those RAM style mounts with the X shaped arms and the rubber band thingy that holds the corners of the phone. I came across one on Amazon brand name "Twinto" which looks like the RAM mount and has the rubber band thingy but ALSO wireless charges your phone. There were a number of other brands Imestou, Leeplya, Rydonair, Krilgor. Some mention fast charging, 10w / 7.5w / 5w / 3.5w.
I'm not a techy guy and have no idea which would or wouldn't charge the iPhone 8 while in motion. Anyone used one of these style mounts/charger? Any help would be appreciated.
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@Stlburd2 "Wireless Charging" is the term you are looking for. While I do not specifically know about any of the brands you listed, I think the first step is to verify does your protective case actually work with wireless charging.

This might be helpful:

Which states: "Qi-certified chargers available in the market that charge an iPhone with the latest version of iOS at rates up to 7.5 watts"

"Wireless charging uses magnetic induction to charge your iPhone. Don't place anything between your iPhone and the charger. Magnetic mounts, magnetic cases, or other objects between your iPhone and the charger might reduce performance or damage magnetic strips"

So you need a device that provides 7.5 watts.

Steps to take

1) phone + case to local store that has wireless chargers on display (best buy, or carrier store, Fry's, Microcenter)
test - make sure your case actually works with wireless charging

2) buy a style and model that provides(at least) 7.5 watts wireless charger

3) enjoy charging while riding.

note: I have used this item with good results:

waterproof and works well with my Samsung Galaxy 8 and a thin case.
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I've known a few riders around who have used something like what @CaliChaos linked to and simply added that pad to a RAM X-Grip using double stick tape or Velcro or whatever worked for them.

Wireless charging would be the generic term but the official name of that kind of device is (as implied in the quote) a "Qi Charger" for your phone. You can look up cell or mobile phone Qi charger online to see many pad type chargers. And definitely test if they will work with your case on your phone. Otherwise you may have to go without the case to make it work.

I bought a modified holder very similar to the RAM X-Grip but with an extra set of "arms" to keep the holders from pushing the buttons on my phone. They don't have the exact item I ordered now but it is just like this one (mine came with 2 black web straps rather than 2 colors).

BTW- found the thread where this should be added. There may be some ideas for mounting found here. Also no harm to start a new thread in the future if you cannot find one that fits with what you want to ask.
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Just to throw in my 2 cents, @Stlburd2 , Ive used a ram x mount since soon after I got my bike and simply run a usb to lightning cable to the phone. I charge my phone every night on a wireless charger and I do like that there are no wires involved at all. However I have to wonder if putting a charger like that on your bike will work as I really doubt any of them would be weather proof. If they aren't then I would guess you would need to either cover it or remove it a lot of the time. The simple wire plugged in will work rain or shine and I don't even use that unless I'm on a trip and want to use the bike to charge phone so I don't have to rely on aux battery charging at night. Course as we all know the phone eats up a lot more battery using google maps all the time, (or whatever you use).

Either this September or 2021 will see a new iPhone with no ports for charging. Then I'll have to come up with an idea like yours!
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I found this Omni brand charger at WM for $10. I bought it to see if the phone would charge with the Blackweb case on the phone. They said it would. It works great. A little light on the pad changes from green to blue and the phone dings with the battery icon showing it’s charging. Now to just find a bike mount that will hold it case and all. Or as a last resort go the regular lightening cable.
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Check out they have mounts for the iPhone 8. I have the Otter box case and found a mount for it there. You can get it with the Ram ball.
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