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Phone/GPS mounts

Being a new owner, I am just getting started here. When I bought my bike, I didn't have time to carefully research mounts for GPS and phones. I am now ready to get one. My phone is an LG G5 and I have a couple of older Garmin GPS units (not Zumo).

First, my phone is too big to fit inside either of the dinky pockets on the "tank". Those really should have been made larger. So that means I have to mount it.

My dealer showed me some mounts that had a heavy duty magnet base that held the unit in place pretty securely (it took quite a force to remove it from the display model). But I wondered about it not yielding any to vibration since there was no cushion at all without any plastic or rubber grip. I was also concerned about the long term effect of the magnet on the screens of a phone or GPS. Magnets can do a lot of damage over time.

I looked at the iOttie Active Edge which looks pretty cool, but it only lists specific phone models, although it looks like it would work on at least my phone.

So I thought I would consult the experts here. Is there a mount that provides easy install, easy mounting and removal of both a phone or a GPS, offers almost universal device accommodation, and gives it some cushion from bumps and vibration? If there isn't a universal one, I am more focused on mounting the phone.

Another issue I see is that, since the phone won't fit inside the tank pocket, it can only be charged with the pocket open and bouncing up and down while riding. Has anyone considered making a small hole on the edge of the pocket cover to allow a cable through it and still keep it closed? Seems like this could be done with a Dremel or similar tool.

Thanks for any advice.


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Checkout the Garmin 4 prong spring loaded clamp. I use it with a 4" extension & their rubber cone mount that goes in the steering tube top. It's just underneath the handlebars..

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Many riders choose the RAM Universal X-Grip mount for a phone. RAM mounts are worth every penny and worth looking into. Available many vendors including Amazon. I use a handlebar u-bolt RAM ball on my handlbars and a short RAM arm with the RAM cradle for my Nuvi 550 GPS AS SHOWN IN MY POST HERE.

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I use a RAM Mount Tough Claw with short arm and older style phone grip. Will be switching to Xgrip soon. One thing that I also noticed is that you will want to use one of the shorter arms as the vibration will make the screen difficult to see if using a longer arm.

Ram Mounts are top notch though and there are lots of options for whatever device you want to use.

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Ram mounts are the only way to go IMHO. If you can't find the right combination from them it's probably not out there.

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Seems like consensus around RAM. I have seen many on Amazon that look very similar and cost 1/2 to 1/4 as much, but my mantra is, "you only cry once" when you buy quality.

I like the Tough Claw mount. That looks easy on and easy off. The Garmin one seems mainly and only for Garmin products, and my main focus is my phone, since it has GPS in it.

I appreciate the comment too about using the short extension to minimize vibration and enhance visual acuity.

Anyone have any thoughts on the charging cable issue? How do you charge while riding? Do you just let the compartment cover flap loose, or do you use a separate custom wiring harness?

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Yep, I'm using RAM for my phone, and I keep it constantly mounted while I'm on my Big Trip. I also use one of those rubber web things to keep it secure. And ZipLoc bag when it's raining. I want to caution you about using the USB cable on the right to power your phone. If you use your phone at the same time, particularly if it has a large screen, you may find that it can't keep it charged. I use a pigtail coming from my battery, and since I have a Quick-Charge battery in my phone, I also use a Quick-Charge 12V adapter... it keeps my phone constantly full and can give me an 80% charge in about 15 minutes as long as I'm not using the phone at the same time. I tried to do what you are planning during a trip to Lancaster, and my phone died halfway through the day. Now, I only use that cable in the pocket for my USB stick with music stored on it, or, in a pinch, to (slowly) recharge my backup battery. Hope this helps!
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get an aux power plug added to the handlebars. then usb plug to recharge phone mine has two plugs.
I use mine to power my dash cam I also just added the X grip so will charge phone as well
I had the aux power located under the seat rerouted into my top case I plug in the phone listen to the tunes via blue tooth stays dry in rain. This plug is only powered when bike is running.
I also had my gps power cord installed to the battery.
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I use a Ram mount with the specific Ram cradle for my Nuvi. for power, I have the battery tender USB adapter and a short USB cord from the battery tender pigtail so that I don't have the right pocket open.

Just a word of caution about having your phone mounted to the bike. My phone is always on my person usually in the left breast pocket of my riding jacket. Should you and your motorcycle become separated in a serious accident, and you were to be injured it is much better to have the phone on your person and be able to call for help. A guy I knew back in the day went down on a twisty mountain road, was thrown from the bike and subsequently died of exposure being un-able to get back to the bike to call for help. My $0.02. YMMV. Just food for thought.
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RAM MOUNT! I use this with my Samsung Galaxy Note (A HUGE PHONE). The Google Maps GPS works great. Bluetooth to my helmet makes directions easy!

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