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The only complant I had with my CTX1300 was the rough ride I have now fixed that. See the rear sup post.

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I agree that most of these writers are biased towards the younger riders. What kept me away from even considering it at the beginning was the "H" look with the cut off windshield. I've watched most all the manufactors try to capture that one look. If I had wanted one of those, I would have switched years ago. I tried one out, strictly because I wanted to continue riding. Phisicial limitations took me off my beloved ST 1300. I was surprised when I took the CTX out for a test ride. Bought that same bike the same day. On the way home, (some 200 miles) I found the CTX to be a tale of two different bikes. Very able on
smooth roads and I cursed it on the rough Wisconsin secondary highways. After finding this site and joining, I made the changes to the suspension, Vola! a totally different machine. So........
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My two cents:


  • easy to ride
  • very comfortable
  • Deluxe adds useful features
  • excellent brakes

  • Harsh suspension - front and rear - This is a very relative statement. Harsh as opposed to what? A dirt bike with a full travel suspension? Granit, it is somewhat stiff IMO, but that's what test rides are for. This is not something that's a hidden truth that shows itself after 6 months of ownership.
  • "strangled engine" with abrupt throttle and rev limiter - Let's look at the bike for what it is. This is a low RPM bike that is happier lumbering down the road at 40 mph in 5th gear than it is screaming in 2nd gear. Rough roads make slight throttle movements more noticeable at higher rpms. Also, with a tested 0-60mph in 4 seconds, I've never had the occasion or the need to reach the rev limiter. I can out perform most cages at 5k rpm
  • high price - Sticker price with no incentives, yes. Since this is a recent article, they need to take into account the incentives Honda is offering which do make it an attractive deal
  • mirror position - I agree to some extent. I had to rotate them down from the factory position to make them usable. Even then, I have about 75% usability
  • driveline lash - Not sure what they mean here. This is shaft drive. Obviously, there isn't any give like one would see on a belt drive unit.
  • limited cornering clearance - What roads were they driving on, and how fast?
  • hard to adjust preload - Not hard, but inconvenient because the saddle bags have to be removed.

  • poor mileage in the "low thirties." I call Baloney on this. My 6 mile commute to work takes 20-25 minutes. Why? Because I spend most of that time idling at stop lights. Add about 5 miles to go to lunch in light traffic, and I still get 31 mpg during the work week. Based on the "strangled engine" & "limited cornering" reviews, it sounds to me that the CTX was being ridden as if it were a sport bike
  • too short shift lever - Preference I guess. I don't have a problem with it
  • odd to compare the engine unfavorably to a Road Glide, then show it besting the same machine in the quarter mile. - The CTX is an orphan. bike. It's in a class all it's own with nothing to directly compare it to. It's not a cruiser, it's not a touring bike, and it's not a bagger. It's a combination of the 3
I think it all goes down to what one is looking for in a bike. These testers tend to write reviews based upon their expectations; what they want to see in a bike. Albeit the CTX is not without it's flaws, it does have the majority of what I'm looking for in a bike, and I'm willing to compromise some of the smaller nuances in order to have the overall riding experience that I'm after.
When all is said and done, go with what you like, and not what a magazine writes about. A test ride will reveal most kudos & complaints in the first 5 minutes. If you like it, buy it. If you don't, then don't. It's all about individual tastes. Ride on..
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Originally Posted by Lazelod View Post
  • driveline lash - Not sure what they mean here. This is shaft drive. Obviously, there isn't any give like one would see on a belt drive unit.
Actually, they complain about too much slack followed by too abrupt a response.

I've had two shaft-driven bikes before this one and none of them had as much slack and/or were so harsh when that slack is taken up.

Having said that, both my final drive and gearbox (and shaft) are still intact, so I'm guessing the Honda engineers took everything into account. We'll see if anybody complains about stripped final drives in some 10-20k miles :-)


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