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can you please share some details on your highway foot rests and how they are mounted.

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My highway pegs are Kuryakyn pieces that I matched up on their website. The pegs (pads) are their “Iso” isolation damped models. The arm uses a 1.5” clamp around the frame tube, however the frame is not perfectly round and the clamps slipped until I put a 1/16” self adhesive rubber strip inside the clamp. Getting the short clamp bolt started is tricky so I determined the exact location and then taped up the the jaws on a pair of vise grips so it didn’t scratch the chrome. I re-adjusted the pressure on the vise grips a few times hours apart until the rubber formed to the shape of the frame tube and allowed me to get the clamp bolt started into the clamp threads. At first I wished they were a few inches further forward, but after long hours realized how many options they provided for foot placement. Overall, they work well for me.
With them mounted where they are it offers a variety of foot positions and even allows me to place my toes on the highway pegs and my heel on the stock peg my foot bridges the shifter and brake and I can brake with my right heel if needed.
If I need to stretch out I just rest the back of my boot heel on the pegs and the “Iso” rubber doesn’t dig in and is comfortable on the highway for long periods.

The only issue is cornering clearance, if you ride aggressively they can scrape lightly but it’s not really a safety issues because they simply tilt up out of the way. However mine do have some road rash on the bottom, I had originally planned on making some type of protective skid pad but you can only see the road rash when they are tipped up and I leave them down 99.5% of the time. If I know I’m heading into some twisting roads, I flip them up with my toes. One oddity is the left peg feels rock solid because the frame is more round, the right frame tube is flattened out a hair and the rubber under the clamp has a slight spongey feel to it. It doesn’t slip out of position but it took me a long time to trust it 100%. It’s not a perfect setup but it works pretty well overall.

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