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Attention Moderator, where art thou!

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I have never received email notification of any posts here ever, I have my profile correct and have checked it many times, please fix!

Is anybody else experiencing this? I think the moderator flew the coop. Or maybe I'm in the twilight zone?
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Panzerider has been away due to a surgery, the last I heard everything went well and he will be returning just not sure when.

In terms of the email notification, b***[email protected] is registered as your email address. Notification emails are only when private messages received. For you to get a notification for your posts you would have to subscribed to that specific thread and you will get an email notification instantly when ever there is a response or new post.

To subscribe to the thread Look for the header where you would find

Linkbacks / Thread Tools / Search this thread / Rate Thread

Go to Thread Tools

Click subscribe to thread

Let me know if that helps or if you need anything else. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, a new moderator has been added to the team to help out the community ;)


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Thanks Robert, But if I click on thread tools it shows my only option is to unsubscribe (to this thread) which means I am subscribed but I didn't receive an email notification from your reply. I went to another thread which I have not posted in and thread tools asks if I want to subscribe? So this tells me I'm automatically subscribed when I post. But I never get notified.:confused: It makes it hard for me to participate in the forum.
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