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This isn't exactly a ride report yet, well because it hasn't happened yet. This summer I will be making my way from Phoeniz Arizona to Maine via Omaha Nebraska then Chicago Illinois then Wadsworth Ohio then over to the east coast up to Maine - then follow the border back around down and then find my way home.

For all you who live on the east coast, I am looking for the true hidden gems that only a local person might know about. Trying to ride clear of things like "worlds's largest lint ball", and instead look at "Ted's old cabin in the woods with a working water wheel" or "Devils tongue water fall" or "Widow's bridge" anything fun and unique that the locals call out when someone comes to town.

Yeah east coast is super broad - which give you plenty of options for suggestions. :)

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What type of roads you will be using, interstates and highways or back country roads?? If you ride through Chicago IL area you can contact me and I can show you around.

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What type of roads you will be using, interstates and highways or back country roads?? If you ride through Chicago IL area you can contact me and I can show you around.
Chicago area is only a one day jaunt as there will be another individual joining the ride then. I will take interstate from AZ to NE to IL - then two lane out of IL to the east coast and stay on the 2 lanes as much as possible. Thanks for the offer to show around the Chicago area.

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here is the route planned thus far the forum did pretty good with the formatting from the spreadsheet. shrug

Phoenix AZ to Omaha NE via I17 to I40 to Okalhoma City to something north ~1300 miles
From Omaha NE to Tinley Park IL via I-80 and such ~460 miles

All mileages Highway to Highwayand are estimatesinmiles
or City to City
07/08/21Tinley Park IL
La Grange RD SHwy 45 S@ Frankfort IL7.00
Hwy 45 S ILHwy 30 E Dyer INToward Hamlet IN20.00
Hwy 30 E INHwy 35 S IN
Hwy 35 S INBass Lake In Hwy 10 E IN15.00
Hwy 10 E to Etna Green INHwy 30 E IN35.00
HWY 30 Coesse INI 69 N IN@Fort Wayne IN54.00
I 69 N Exit 31 I 469 E INI 469 E Exit 17 Hwy 30 E IN15.00
Hwy 30 E IN/OHHwy 224 E OH@Van Wert OH35.00
Hwy 224 E Tiffin OHI 76 E OH@Westfield Cente OH155.00
I 76 E Exit 9 OH1280 High StreetWadsworth OH15.00
Hwy 94 S OHHwt 585 S25.00
Hwy 250 / 83 S OHHWY 83 S OHto Wooster25.00
Hwy 83 S OHHwy 83 STo New Concord OHtoward Tyndal OH50.00
Hwy 83 / 78 S OHHwy 60 S OHBeverly OH
Hwy 60 S OHMarrieta OH60.00
Greene St Hwy 26 E OHHwy 26 N /E OH12.00
Hwy 26 N/E OHWoodsfield OH45.00
Hwy 880 N /E OHI70 Exit 202 OH25.00
I 70 E OHI 79 N PA( @ ) Pittsburh PA90.00
I 79 N PAI 79 To I 376 E PA
I 376 E Hwy 22PAI 376 E/22 PAToward Braddlock Hills PA20.00
Hwy 22 E PAI I 99Duncansville PA85.00
Hwy 22 E PAto MT Union PA Hwy 522/22 N
Hwy 522/22 PAHwy 322/22 EDuncannon PA
Hwy 322/22 PAI 81 E PAHarrisburg PA130.00
I 81 E PA Exit 51/70 HWY 322I 83 / I 283 E / Hwy 322 PA
I 83 / I 283 S PAHwy 283 E PA Exit 130.00
Hwy 283 E PAHwy 30 E PALancaster PA40.00
USEHwy 30 E PAHWY 30/202 E Toward Wayne PA
MAP QuestHwy 30 E to PATo Liberty Bell in Philadelphia PA526 Market ST20.00
To Bell
526 Market ST PAHwy 30 E NJ8.00
Hwy 130 N NJHwy 130 NBurlington NJ25.00
I 295 N NJHwy 1 N Exit 67 A/BMorrisville NJ
Hwy 1 N NJHwy 1/ 9 N NJElizabeth NJ
Hwy 1/9 NJto I 95 NLincroft NJ
to I 95 NHwy ( 9 W) N NJFort Lee NJ80.00
Hwy ( 9 W) N NJHwy (9W) NY
Hwy (9W) NY Exit 10I 287 E NYCross Bridge
I 287 E NYI 287 E NYWhite Plains NY25.00
I 287 E CTI 684 N CT
Hutchinson Pkwy Hwy 15 N CTHwy 15 E Ct
Hwy 15 E CtHwy 15 E GreenField Hill CT Exit 44Bridgeport CT35.00
Hwy 58 S CTI 95 E CT
I 95 E CTI 395 N Exit 75/76 CT50.00
I 395 N CTExit 19 Hwy 169 N CTNewent CT
Hwy 169 N CT CTTo Pomfret Ct25.00
Hwy 171 E CtTo Hwy 44 E Putan CT
Hwy 44 E CT /RII 295 N RIGreenville RI25.00
I 295 N RIExit 25 @ I 295 > I 95 N MA
CoastalI 95 N MAI 95 N MA
Scenic Hwy 1I 95 N MA Exit 58 A/BHwy 110 E / 1A N MASalisbury MA105.00
Hwy 1 N MAHwy 1 N NH
Hwy 1 N NHHwy 1 N ME@Kittery ME25.00
Hwy 1 N MEI 295 Hwy 1 N ME@Portland ME50.00
I 295 Hwy 1 N ME Exit 28Hwy 1 N ME@Topsham ME25.00
Hwy 1 N MEHwy 1 N ME@ Rockport ME55.00
Hwy 1 N MEHwy 1 N MEEllsworth ME60.00
Hwy 1 N MEHwy 1/ N ME@ Harrington ME35.00
Hwy 1 N MEHwy 1 N ME@ Columbia ME10.00
Hwy 1 N MEHwy 1 N ME@ Calais ME70.00
Hwy 1 N MEHwy 161 N ME@ Caribou ME150.00
Hwy 161 N MEHwy 11 S ME@ Fort KENT45.00
LOOK atHwy 11 S MEI95 S ME Exit 264Sherman ME106.00
ALT RouteI95 S ME Exit 264I 95 S ME Exit 217 Hwy 6 W MEHowland ME50.00
HEREHwy6 / 16 W MEHwy 16/15 ME WAbbott Village ME
Hwy 16 WHwy 201 A ESolon ME95.00
Hwy 201 A EHwy 16 WKingfield Me
Hwy 16 WHwy 142 WPhillips
Hwy 142 WHwy 4 EToward Farmington ME30.00
Hwy 4 EHwy 2 W
Hwy 2 WHwy 2 / 26 WBethel ME55.00
Hwy 11 S MEI 95 S Exit 264 ME@ Sherman ME110.00
I 95 S MEI 95 S Exit 109 Hwy 11 W ME@ Augusta ME155.00
Hwy 11 W MEHwy 202 S ME@ Greene Me25.00
Hwy 202 S MEHwy 121 W ME@ Lewiston ME8.00
Hwy 121 W MEHwy 11 W ME@ Mechanic Falls ME12.00
Hwy 11 W toward Oxford MEHwy 26 N ME
Resume>Hwy 26 N MEHwy 2 W ME@ Bethel ME40.00
Route Here>Hwy 2 W MEHwy 3 N NH @Lancaster NH50.00
Hwy 3 N NHHwy 105 W VT( @ ) North Stratford NH10.00
Hwy 100 S VTHwy 100 S VT
Hwy 100 S VTI 89 W Exit 10 VT@ Colbyville VT65.00
I 89 W VTI 89 W Exit 12 Hwy 2A VTHinesburg VT
Hwy 2A S VTHwy / RD F5 W@ Cedar Beach VT25.00
Take Ferry across lake to NY
Hwy 22 S NYHwy 22 S NY@ Westport NY
Toward I 87 S Exit 31 NYI 87 S NY
I 87 E Exit 29Hwy 84 W NY
Hwy 84 W NYHwy 28 N W NY> Long Lake Ny90.00
Hwy 28 N W NYHwy 30 S NY12.00
Hwy 30 S NYHwy 28 W NY
Hwy 28 W NYHwy 12 S NYBarneveld NY15.00
Hwy 12 S NYHwy 365 E
Hwy 365 Barneveld NYHwy 46 / 49 W NYRome NY
Hwy 49 EHwy 3 EFulton80.00
Hwy 3 S NYHwy 104 W NY@ Wolcott NY
Hwy 104 W NYHwy 104 W NY@ Rochester NY75.00
Hwy 98 N @ Childs NYHwy 18 W NY
Hwy 18 W NYNiagara Scienic Pkwy S NY
Niagara Scienic Pkwy S NYNiagara Scienic Pkwy S NY@ Lewiston NY100.00
Map Quest to Niagara FallsMap Quest to Niagara Falls10.00
Hwy 5 S from Niagara Falls NYHwy 20 W NY@ Irving NY60.00
Hwy 20 W NYI 90 W NY
I 90 W PAI 90 W PA Exit 59 S HWY 60 S PAForestville NY10.00
Hwy 62 S PAHwy 8 S PAFranklin PA100.00
Hwy 8 S PAHwy 8 S PA
Hwy 8 S PAHwy 28 W PA
Hwy 28 W PAI 279 S Exit B I PAEtna PA
I 279 S Exit B I PAI 279 S / I 376 W / Hwy 19 PAOnto the Penn LincolnParkway
I 376 W PAHwy 30 / 22 W PAWeirton PA45.00
Hwy 30 / 22 W PAHwy 30 / 22 W OH& Steubenville OH
Hwy 22 W OHHwy 250 N OHToward Cadiz OH30.00
Hwy 250 W OHHwy 36 W OH& Dennison OH25.00
Hwy 36 W OHHwy 13 N OH@ Mt Vemon OH70.00
Hwy 13 N OHHwy 95 W OHToward Fredericktown OH
Hwy 95 W OHHWY 95 W OHToward Marion
Hwy 95 W OHHwy 309 OH& Marion OH45.00
Hwy 309 W OHHwy 309 OHTo Lima OH60.00
Hwy 309 W OHHwy 117 S OH
Hwy 117 S OHHwy 33 N OHRockford35.00
Hwy 33 N OHHwy 33 N IN( @ ) Decatur IN
Hwy 224 IN WHwy 224 IN W( @ ) Huntington IN50.00
Hwy 24 W INHwy 24 W INTo Kentland IN110.00
Hwy 24 IL W INHWY 45 N IL( @ ) Cresent City IL25.00
Hwy 45 N ILTiny Park IL70.00
grand total for the eastern part of the trip4,117.00

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I would recommend you taking the time to stop by the Flight 93 Memorial (PA 9/11 crash site). It is just of US 30 (the Lincoln Highway). It is a little south of your route listed above in Shanksville, PA (40 miles south of Johnsontown, PA)

It is very moving place to visit and the ride along US 30 is great. I recommend you take US 30 East to McConnellsburg, PA and take US 522 North to get you back on your route toward Harrisburg, PA.

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Ditto on Flight 93 Memorial. You are passing by me in Valparaiso, IN. Trying to figure out why going down to State Road 10 and Bass Lake, IN but scenic though. I'd stay on US-30. Four lane and little truck traffic. State Road 10 is a nice highway though, just a slower way to go West to East. As you get closer to the date, feel free to PM me and I'll meet up and guide you through that way. I go all of those highways a lot.
Dan (Redenbacher)
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