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Hello everyone,

I joined the forum back in 2015 when I bought my white CTX which I rode for a couple of years and nearly 25000 miles.
After some ups and downs in life, and some fooling around with other bikes, a couple of months ago I bought a beautiful black CTX in inmaculate condition which has win my heart once again...
So here I am back here, and now hopefully for a longer time.

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With this bike I feel right at home, it ticks all my motorcycling boxes, and is the most comfortable bike I've owned (and I've had over 30 bikes...)
I have fitted, as in my previous CTX, Hyperpro rear suspension and progressive kit for the front forks and now it's nearly perfect. Also, I had the seat reworked with gel and it's really comfy.
I have a couple of questions for you all that I hope you can help me with...
First, are there any comfortable pillion pegs or platforms that fit this bike?
Second, where can I get plastic covers for the holes of the rear carrier?

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And third and last, has anyone fitted any reliable cruise control to this bike?

Thanks in advance and best regards from Barcelona, Spain. (y)
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