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New to this kind of thing. well my wife and I just purchased a CTX1300d. We had a ST1300a. for 6 years and before that a VTX 1300. So I guess I like Honda. My question is has anyone installed nav on their bikes yet . I had a zumo on my ST and it fit perfect. Just have no idea how to mount it on this bike.
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I'll be installing my Garmin Montana on my bike this evening. I'm not planning to do anything elegant with it. I have a R-A-M mounting system I used on my Gold Wing and then my CTX700D. I'll find an appropriate mounting point near the left side of the handlebars and just run the wires as best as I can. I'll post some pictures on SmugMug and put a link on this forum.

I've ridden mine for the first month without any modifications. But tonight I'll be dorking up the looks a bit with some new mirrors and a GPS unit. My new Honda tall windshield should be here by the end of the week and I'll be adding that too.

I think the Honda luggage rack looks a bit small, so I'll be looking in the aftermarket for something bigger to dork up the back end of the bike. I really liked the Ron Major luggage rack for the ST1100.
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Thanks look forward to your photo's
Congrats on the new purchase, and welcome to the board!
Welcome to the board!

I'm moving from my ST1100 to the CTX1300. I've been using a Garmin Nuvi 550, same waterproof and glove useability as the Zumo except no hard buttons and it cost a lot less than the Zumo and does everything I need, on the ST. I have a Garmin branded cradle and RAM mount on the ST similar to this minus the handlebar clamp mount part. I used just a RAM ball alone on a bar across the top of my dash. You can see it installed in some of my photos in the photo gallery. I liked the Garmin cradle better than the RAM cradle for the same unit since the Garmin cradle seemed to lock the GPS in better. I plan to move the direct connect power cable, cradle and RAM arm that I have to the CTX and get a new RAM ball handlebar mount like this to mount it. That will be clamped to the left side of the handlebar and set up so the Nuvi will sit low on the bar and in front of the left speaker (don't need to see it, only hear it). If you're coming from the ST1300 you probably have seen many options to install nav on that bike. I see this as the best set up for this bike since there isn't much ledge on top the dash to mount stuff. Exactly where you mount items like this is entirely a personal matter. Some will use a RAM ball on the reservoir cover or on the reservoir clamp bolts. Some will put one on the center of the triple tree. I had my GPS in the center like that on my GW and again on my B650 but decided that is too low for me. I want the GPS up into my line of sight more so as not to take my eyes off the road so much. I would think you could find a mount that will work as well for the Zumo. I'll try to remember to get some photos of it installed.
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welcome to the forum!
post some pictures of the CTX!
Welcome to the forum!

I would just use a phone mount and use my smartphone for navigation. Have you thought of trying that?

Hopefully you have the time to post up some photos and I look forward to having some more discussion s with you about the CTX1300.
Welcome to the forum
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