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Bought a Black CTX1300D Yesterday

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Hello everyone! I traded in my Triumph Thunderbird Storm yesterday for the CTX. I have ridden a grand total of 40 miles on it so far. I love it. No regrets!

My first impressions:
  • It is not nearly as torque-y as the Thunderbird Storm, but that is fine. That is not why I bought the CTX. And not much of anything is as torque as the 1700cc Thunderbird Storm.
  • Also the throttle is much more sensitive in low gears. I am having to feather the clutch more than I was used to. My previous bikes have all been twins, so that may have something to do with it.
  • I love the high tech sounding purr/whistle the engine makes.
  • I am still getting use to the handling, but I can tell that once I do it will be superb. I made a U-turn today and wasn't feeling particularly confident yet.
  • A tab broke off on the plastic molding that covers the battery creating a gap between the molding and the fairing. I am going to call the dealer about that tomorrow.
I do a lot of road trips and think this is the perfect bike for me. I didn't want a sport-touring bike that is basically a sports bike with panniers and I didn't want anything as big as a Goldwing. I am taking a 1000 mile road trip in 2 weeks and looking forward to some good quality time with the bike.

I told friend that I was going to buy one and he said that I had integrated my inner badass and was now ready for a more mature ride. I thought that was funny... and true.

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Welcome David!
Congrats on the purchase. I know you'll like this ride for that long trip. Just be sure to get your first 600 miles in and do that first oil change/service before the trip and you'll be all set. I only say that cuz my opinion is that the first oil change is probably the most important to do on time of all future changes.

That throttle sensitivity I've heard reported on the ST1300 as well. That's where this engine came from (with some adjustments). I'm with you on the wants. No sport/ST bike please, and GW is too big. The CTX is just right!

Also, that broken tab thing. The dealer service staff just haven't figured out that one to avoid breaking it. Has happened to more than one. Mine is waiting the dealer to send out a new middle cowl just for that issue... warranty covered.

All the rest is just getting accustomed to the new ride. By the time you get to that first oil change you'll be used to handling and riding with confidence. Enjoy the LD trip and be sure to give a report in the Touring & Ride Reports forum here when back. :D
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Thanks Bob! I appreciate the welcome and the info. It is good to know I'm not the only one with the fairing/cowl problem. Little things like that can drive me crazy.

Regarding the oil change, I will likely need to do it on the road. Someone had told me that in Europe the first service is typically at 1000 miles instead of 600. Not sure if that is true or not, but it was making me think I could wait until I got back from my trip. Your warning though, makes me think I shouldn't chance it. My new baby deserves the best.
In Europe the first service is 1000 km which is the same as 600 miles U.S.
But you could do it on the road. Have a filter ready and be sure the first oil you put in on that service at least is not "Resource Conserving" or "Energy Conserving" on the SAE label or what ever the equivalent is over there. Check the user manual for that. The only miles that really matter for not going all out (or at least not red lining it) is the first 500km (300 miles). Vary speed and rpm a lot during that. After that you can run it a little harder on the highway and then especially after the first service. :)

I found the oil change easy to do on this bike, other than that the filter was on rather tight. But I didn't need to remove any plastic to do it. To assist with checking the right level I did set the side stand on a 2x4 block of wood (we don't have center stands supplied). If you have a center stand I would still set it on the side stand to drain the oil initially, and then set it on the center stand to remove the filter. Wrap the left side exhaust pipes with aluminium foil near the filter to avoid oil dripping on them (it will).

I take it by your comments you are not in the U.S.?
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Hi Bob,
Ah, 1000 kilometers. That all makes sense now. I actually live in California, east of San Francisco. I will be driving down the coast to see my family in Los Angeles. When I said I would change the oil on the road, I meant when I was visiting them... and I'll have a Honda mechanic do it. I'm not brave enough to attempt it myself in the middle of a road trip.
Congrats on the purchase , I am feeling the same it looks like its just the right everything , although i've yet to ride one , interesting what you said about the throttle at low speeds ,
I test rode a gold wing , and found it very easy bike to handle solo or 2 up , UNTIL i came to chuck a u turn , and i struggled , I found it was the throttle too twitchy , I found it would just increase speed quicker than i was used to , i was telling the salesman , and he laughed , he said a lot who come of big cruisers have the same problem , , just use the clutch and not the throttle he said , I never went on it again to find out .
Welcome aboard, David. For what it's worth, you got the best color. ;)
It's called finesse. With the clutch that is. I learned that with my GW. You can really control the throttle feed to the rear wheels by finessing the clutch lever... holding it part way in/out to just begin to grab and, with practice, you can really control it to crawl along just by pulling in the clutch a little or letting it out a little. I use 2 or 3 fingers on the levers doing this so I can also still hold the grips. Works great for those times when you need really sensitive control like in U-turns or crawling along in slow traffic. I got so I could ride my GW at walking speed and still track straight along without any wobble.
Welcome aboard, David. For what it's worth, you got the best color. ;)
Thanks! Everyone knows that black is the fastest color for motorcycles.
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Congratulations David on your purchase, the black is nice for sure
Congratulations on the new bike!

I've done one long trip on mine and the bike handled it very well. I think you'll find this bike very comfortable on your trip.
Pardon my ignorance but is there a difference with the CTX1300D?
That would be the Deluxe model, with sound system, self-cancelling turn signals, ABS, traction control, and blacked out parts.
The actual official model number is CTX1300A but many indicate it by D instead. I might be wrong but I think there are different model number systems for different countries. The Service Manual uses the designation of CM for models overseas or Canada with included 12v socket and heated grips and center stand in addition to the other Deluxe model features.
Ah ok that makes more sense, I had known about the A and was gearing up for a quixotic quest in search of the Mythical D! Cheers...
Congratulation on you purchase, have a great ride on the black.
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