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Brought the bike home today - initial thoughts

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Great riding motorcycle.. after years of sport bikes it took me a minute to realize the pegs were not behind me. This was the first ctx1300 sold from my local dealership so I had a small crowd watching me as I departed which is always entertaining..

I did notice the touchy throttle issue that others have noted on the first corner or two, but in my opinion this is simply a matter of getting used to the bike. I found that simply loosening up my grip on the throttle a bit and picking the right gear for the corner resolved the issue.

silky smooth gearbox, no drivetrain lag at all, handles like a much lighter bike, comfortable riding position.

I did note that the feedback thru the bars on bumps was pronounced but not in anyway unsettling. I didn't note excessive rebound out of the front suspension as a couple reviews have indicated. I was expecting to be floating/bouncing a bit, but the bike felt very planted.. I am very happy with the purchase..



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Congrats on the new ride!
Agree with all those thoughts. After about a week my feet started remembering where to go right away. :D
Congrats on the new purchase!

You definitely do get used to the throttle, between picking the right gear, feathering the clutch, and just relaxing the grip as you get more comfortable with the bike. The feedback through the bars also eases up greatly with a few hundred miles as the suspension softens. It all keeps getting better from here. ;)
I have almost 3000 miles on mine and I still find myself downshifting too much, sometimes going to first gear when second gear would be fine. This thing has lots of low end torque that I keep forgetting about.
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Congrats on the new bike. The more I ride mine the happier I am with it.
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Congratulations on the new bike!

I've managed to get the throttle under control except for the swift mountain descents. This bike is too long and the rear tire is too fat for that kind of stuff anyway, so I just don't ride it swiftly down the mountains.

Have y'all noticed how wide the front tire chicken strip is even when you get the rear all the way out to the edge?
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Anyone looked at a Throttle Tamer?
Never heard of that until just now. Looked it up online. I think that might be a bit overkill for this application. I agree the throttle on the CTX1300 is a bit sensitive but I don't think it's really so much on/off as that would be for. I suppose some might want it though. After 600 miles I can say I don't really notice the sensitivity all that much if at all now. The CrampBuster helps with that but I find it easy to finesse the throttle where I want it and have no unevenness in acceleration now. This would be an unneeded expense and effort to install to me... JMHO :p
its not for everybody. The ST1300 has the same issue and many resolved most of it with the Tamer and/or a different FPR.
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