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Can't wait any longer...

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Well, I made up my mind...

For those who don't know I narrowed down my choices between the new 2014 BMW R1200RT, which I rode and loved, and the CTX 1300 which cannot be found at any dealer within a 100 mile radius. It's almost the middle of May and I gave myself until summer to find a local or semi-local dealer with a CTX 1300 in stock. However, it's been sunny out and everyone's bringing their bikes out of hibernation and I was getting the itch really bad and haven't ridden since I sold my V Strom a year and a half ago. So in any event I just purchased a brand new R1200RT locally yesterday and will be picking her up on Monday. The CTX might still be in my future, but I can't wait around and miss out on weeks of riding only to find out I can't find a CTX anywhere by then either. I will still check in from time to time! Good luck with your CTX's and be careful and safe!
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Sorry there were none to be found close by. But you really don't have to leave us entirely. Stick around. As is often said on other boards I am a member on: there is always something everyone can contribute. This board is too new to really see it, but on the ST forum I am on it seems there are more and more riders itching for newer rides and since Honda doesn't have a newer enough ST model offered they buy BMW, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory, Yamaha, and yes- even Triumph! There are a lot of different models/makes represented at ST events that I've been to: ST (of course), GW, VStrom, Connies, BMW (R1200RT or R1150RT), FJR, S10, KLR, VFR, nc700, etc. I'm sure this board will eventually become just as diverse. No, wait, it already is. Sure it primarily caters to the CTX1300, but it is also just another good mc forum. :)
Sorry it wasn't a CTX, but glad you made a new purchase and will be out riding in this nice weather. Enjoy, and ride safe!
Congratulations on your new purchase, I agree you don't have to own a CTX to be a contributor. Jim
My 05 R1200RT was one of my top 3 favorite bikes, other 2 are an 04 Goldwing and my presently owned Honda 2012 NC700DCT. All 3 are equally loved.
I feel your decision CTX maybe. I test rode the new RT and instead went for the CTX. The BMW deal broke for me due to the following: Riding position too cramped. Vague front end feel due to telelever (sp?) and vibration. The transmission was also pretty clunky. The RT, however, was light and nimble. It also had great storage. Wish you luck with the bike. I owned (tolerated) a GS for a number of years. That bike taught me a lot about motorcycle repair.
I also have a BMW R1200Rt...and had noted the vague front end also??? Very surprised by the quirky handling of the bike, but once you get used to it, the handling is quite good.

BMW bikes are great bikes until you have a problem. My closest dealer is 100 miles away, and the mechanics aren't anything that I would be that excited about. Sounds like your dealer is close, and with a water cooled heads, should be interesting but BMW's are known for being able to mile them up.

But...the Honda is just a more refined machine. Mechanically tuned, superbly built, and very smooth, I would have to give the nod to the CTX at the end of the day.
It seems like dealers aren't keeping many CTX1300s in stock. i have heard stories from many people who say that their dealer already sold out or just doesn't have any for whatever reason. Too bad that was the thing that ended up making up your decision in the end. Nothing to do with the product, just bad business.
They're still very new to the market. Some dealers are probably waiting to see what kind of interest there is, and others its maybe just a matter of getting them through the distribution channels and into showrooms. I've never watched a new bike launch as closely as this one, so I have nothing to compare it to. But I'm pretty sure new models don't usually just show up in all dealers in all colors and options with a full stick of accessories all at once -- even Apple can't pull that off! :)
I think Honda are actually losing the firnm grip they used to have over dealers , I know a year or two ago when they put out the goldwings with a gigantic , discount , my local dealer sold lots , but he told me Honda told him he can have two and then they go back up in price ,

He reckons he told them to stick it , he said he told them he wants has many, has he can move at that price or non at all , simply like he said he sells two easy and then upsets the guys who paid 10 grand more , a month before or 10 grand more a month later .

Said he had the same problem with the st and the vfr 1200 , he could'nt sell them at the prices ,honda asked but when they dropped the prices he could'nt get enough of them ,

I know he does'nt think the ctx will sell at the price they want , and has flat out told Honda he does'nt want any , i believe they tried to bully him into taking some , but has far has he's concerned he also sells BMW , KTM and Ducati , his salesman told me , they hardly sell hondas anymore , unless its the run out speciels , , He recons it was 2 years they went with out selling a st 1300 at 22-23 grand , but when honda put them out at 17 grand ride away , he said you would of thought they were giving them away ,

Personaly i think the dealers are just scared there going to order this bike and have it sat there for 2-3 years .
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