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There are one or two posts in the forums here with that info. It does look like a nice shield but either is missing the vent or has a GW style vent that I feel is out of place on this bike. I really like the vents in the Honda tall shield and they really work well IMO.

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I've got one on order. Sixteen inch touring shield with the vent.

I had a Cee Bailey shield on my second ST1100 and on my CTX700D.

Check out the various windshield threads on this site to get some ideas about what might work best for you.

The biggest variable seems to be the rider's height. The long distance between the shield and the rider makes it tougher to sort out some smooth air for the guys over six feet tall. Some folks report very different results when they carry a passenger. I've got both of mine sorted nicely, but I've noticed a definite decrease in stability by adding the top box to my first CTX1300.

I really love the way the MadStad shield works, but I've had issues with the mounting kit. That's why I ordered the Cee Bailey for my second CTX1300.
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