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Cee Bailey's looking for a bike for develop windshield

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Actaully, i email them to ask about the windshield for Ctx1300 and the response was, they still trying to obtain the bike and asking me to inform anybody live around Los Angeles and like to help them, please contact belows.

I'm thinking that the short windshield look cool with the bike but from what i read the wind flow around shoulder level, however, the taller windshield totally block the wind and i don't think is look that cool. I try to ask them to develop a windshield like 2 inches taller than the short one, so this might help to keep the cool image and better protection as least.

Joe Duval
Cee Bailey’s Aircraft Plastics, Inc.
6900 Acco St
Montebello CA, 90640
Phone: (800) 788-0618 x 337
Fax: (323) 721-7888
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Already got a thread going on this here: http://www.ctx1300forum.com/forum/appearance-body/3505-do-you-own-ctx1300-l-area.html. But you've got all his contact info here. Hopefully somebody in the area will kindly donate a ride soon!
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