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cool boots

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I had almost given up on finding a summer riding boot. I have totally messed up feet: super side with high arches and thus I take EEEE and also wear arch supports. However, I found these boots:


and took a chance. I typically wear 9.5 EEE but ordered the 10W. Eureka! I could get them on. Took them for a first ride yesterday. You can actually walk around in them. Best of all, once you get up to speed you can feel the air moving through them. I was concerned about the luggie soles but actually worked pretty good on slippery surface. Only time will tell if they hold up.
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Your link brought up a page not found.

Is this the one? Bates Men's Spencer High Motorcycle Boot:Amazon:Shoes

If it is, that's a nice looking boot.

Nuts, that link doesn't work, either.

Anyway, go to Amazon and search for Spencer motorcycle boot, and it will come up in the list.
Amazon is kind of goofy that way.
I find that since I have an account with them and my account is always logged in when I open Amazon the links from the address bar don't work for anyone else... even if they have an account!
Instead, I found what seems to work best is while on the page I want to share I hit the Share via Email link on the side and in the box that pops up there is a short link that will work for everyone. I copy that link, and type some text here and highlight it, then I use the Insert Link icon at the top of the post edit box to paste that link I copied to associate it with the text I highlighted.

For those boots HERE is the link that should work for the Bates Men's Spencer High Motorcycle Boot.

Hope this one works for you.
I've been wearing Sidi Clever Air boots on the hotter days for a few years now. Very comfortable.

They're not much good in the rain.
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