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You drain it by removing the hose at the bottom of the radiator.

Above the left foot peg is the overflow bottle. Remove the plastic cover and you can pull the bottle out and tip it down to drain.

On each side of the engine block there is a small zinc plated bolt to drain antifreeze out of the engine.
On right side, it is behind the rear exhaust pipe near the top of the pipe.
On left side the bolt is behind the front exhaust pipe.
I found it easier to get at them by removing the heat shields.

The radiator cap is on the right side. To remove that panel, there are two bolts under the engine guard. The rest snaps out.
(Edit) Oops. I forgot about the third bolt on the right side plastic. Behind the plastic at the bottom. You'll find a small alen head bolt just above the radiator hose. Gotta take that one out too.
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