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I really hate that I need to sell my motorcycle, but my body has stopped serving me with the ability to get on and off my baby without knee or other injury to my body.

I am only 71 and hoped to ride until the day I no longer was an earth dweller, but Addison's desease has racked havic on my poor body the last two years.

I am attempting to add a photo and video to this post, I have been a long time member and made a reply or two but this is my first post to the forum.

I have not set a firm price for it but hope to sell it for enough to make the wife happy.
of course it is 2014 / CTX-1300 but not a Deluxe, but I added the trunk, and pin stripping.
Milage is quite low, I will have to check it, but I may not even hit 10K yet.

Looks like adding the photo is easy, but the video I might need some help, or I would be happy to send a MP4 file to anyone who in interested.

Wish you the best.
Let viewers know what part of the country you are at.
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