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Same deal here as Tallboy, except mine was a 2012. The Bird was a very nice bike, with impressive off-the-line torque, and that big twin rumble - even with stock exhaust - had such a pleasing note. I remember the sales guy boasting sportbike-like handling, which wasn't exactly accurate. The handling was good, but maybe marginally better than my VTX1800, and not much more. I wouldn't say that the Bird is faster than the CTX, though it is definitely quicker off the line and would frequently leave you with the impression of your arms being torn from their sockets if you leaned on it too hard, which the CTX doesn't quite match.

But I had this inexplicable stigma in the back of my brain about Triumph's dependability, and because of that I never put many miles on it. I think I had something like 2300 miles in the two years I owned it. Now granted I usually only average 4000-5000 miles a year on my bikes, but that really had me questioning why I even had it.

Then I saw news of the then upcoming CTX1300, and the world stopped until I had one in my garage. :) I find that I don't miss the noise and the torque as much as I thought I would. The V-4 has all the grunt I need, and this is easily the most comfortable bike I've owned needing the fewest mods of all of them to get there. If I had known this bike was in the works in 2011, I would never have gotten the T-bird in the first place. I would most likely have just hung on to the VTX until the CTX got here.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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