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Cut On The Rear Tire

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I was doing some maintenance on the bike and found a cut in my rear tire. It has only 700 miles on it and I am really suprised to see such a cut on the tire, that I have never seen on my any other bikes. It seems that it is on the rubber, there is plent of rubber left and there is no air leakage at all. However, I still consider replacing it. Is there anyone who experienced such a cut on the tire with so little milage on it?


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I've never cut one like that. I knew a guy who picked up a screw in a brand new tire on his way home from the shop a few years back. He had one of those chopper style bikes with the very fat tire and it cost him over $500.
Split the cut open and look closely to see if the canvers is cut too.If it is,then replace the tire.If it is not,then don't worry about it.As long as the canvers isn't cut,you should be good to go.Now if that cut was any wheres in the side wall,then you would replace the tire,no if's, and's, or but's about it. Dave!!!
That looks like it's RIGHT where the dual compound joint is. These tires, like many mc tires these days, use dual compounds. Harder longer lasting in the center but softer grippier on the sides.
First thing is to verify it is a cut and not just an uneven joint between compounds.
A cut or split would be something I would definitely take back to the dealer and have them replace ASAP... even if the canvers is not cut. If you can separate the edges at all. It just shouldn't do that and is a flaw in the tread. If that compound separates there you will be in trouble when you lean it over in a turn.
Looking at the picture Bob,the cut looks like it was caused by a piece of glass or metal as it does not look to be straight like a split would be.Plus,if ya look close, it skips an inch or so between the cut. Dave!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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