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Engine Heat?

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Can owners tell me about heat off the engine? In shins, feet, thighs or does seat get hot from engine heat?'

I'm certain I will be buying but not till I am fully moved to NC, prolly between mid august and mid November at the latest. I sold my CB1100 this week, need to sell the BMW, just no room in my trailer. My Az reg expires in Sept. on my NC700 that resides in NC so I may just trade it in August when I'll be spending a month there.

I haven't heard of any heat issues on this forum, that is a good sign, I bought a new 08 Concours, heat was so bad on that I couldn't be comphy on it in dec. sold it fast, was a great ride but engine heat from ass down was a killer.
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Lots of ST1300 owners have commented about the excessive heat coming off their engine, sometimes enough to feel like it's burning if the legs are bare. :eek: Not so much with the CTX1300 even though it is the same engine. During the last week we've had many humid days in the upper 80s and at least one just into the 90s. While I have some heat off the engine it's really more like just very warm. The difference between the two bikes is that the ST1300 has the engine completely enclosed in plastic except the very tops of the cylinder head covers so heat builds up a lot in there. The CTX1300 is much more open so heat doesn't build up nearly as much. Where the warmth was felt is on the upper shins. I do wear riding pants, always, and recommend it. :smiley-happy0034: Oh, and I did notice that moving the knees out slightly made it so I didn't feel any heat/warmth from the engine.
I haven't felt any heat at all anywhere else. I don't expect any issues with it as summer warms up in the next few months.
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I have not felt any uncomfortable heat. I've felt a little bit of warmth on my inner calf on a warm day, but nothing remotely uncomfortable. Granted I have not been out in hot weather yet, because there hasn't been any here yet this year.

You will probably get a better report from any of our more southerly brothers, but I haven't seen any complaints yet of engine heat.
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When it is 80 and above, the heat off the engine is a bit uncomfortable for me, but it is not a "deal-breaker". The heat seems a bit more noticeable with the tall windshield, but again, not a deal-breaker.

I agree with Bob that moving your knees out into the air flow really helps to cool off the hot spot. I also use a bead seat cover when it is hot, and that also helps. I did notice that after installing the tall windshield, now when I move my knees out, I do get some buffeting where it did not seem to matter with the shorty windshield.
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Heat is very annoying for me, The BMW boxer is surprisingly cool with no noticeable heat even with the jugs just swinging in the breeze in front of your shins, I think I will have to ride a ctx1300 before purchase.

There is a used delux in Scottsdale Az at Goaz. $16k dark blue with 250 miles. I prolly would buy if I was staying here another year. Guy traded it back on a BMW R1200RT water cooled.
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My last ride was a Tiger 800 which is known for its heat output, especially focused blasts on the inner right thigh. In my 1700 miles on the CTX, including 2 recent days in the mid-90s, I haven't noticed heat coming from the engine at all, but I'm still using the shorty windshield. I'll be installing a Madstad windscreen next week and will report back on heat perception after a long hot ride or 2.
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With the short windshield no heat issues at all. With the tall windshield clearly more heat can be felt around the legs and thighs. However, it is easy to move your legs into the wind flow. No problems at all when moving at freeway speeds. Tonight I "tested" some windshield positions at sustained 80 mph. Very nice and stable. This bike wants to go for long trips.
I have not noticed any heat issues on my ctx and I have the tall windshield. I rode a ST1300 for 5 years and experienced no uncomfortable heat on that bike either. I where jeans and leather chaps just about always which may be a factor.
I've done a bit over 4000 miles in temps up to the high 80s. The first couple thousand or so were with the shorty.

I've not noticed any big heat issues. I sat at a light that wouldn't change for about five minutes one afternoon. That would have been miserable on the ElectraGlide. It was not a problem with the CTX.

I've not noticed any heat difference when the bike is moving with the tall windshield.

I generally ride solo. That might make a difference.
engine heat

Have had plenty of 80/90 degree days here in Florida. Although engine heat is not really a problem,I have reduced what there is by putting a self stick heat reflecting aluminized material on all the plastic body panels [top cover,side covers, flat black sidecovers, cyl head covers]. Of course all these covers had to be removed . I purchased the material from [email protected] 1 949 478 4897 6.6 sg. ft. Aliminun fiberglass heat shielding Item number 121235379643 sku fghs-x2 $19.95 If you do all the covers you'll use most of the material. It did reduce the heat on my legs but again what heat there is before the modifying is not really a problem. Hope this may help if youre as fussy as me.
NOTE: - Just my opinion here....I dont want to start an argument but...

I've noticed a fair amount of heat off this engine. I wear jeans but tall Sidi Fusion boots.

Now granted, since Im in WI, this is a welcome issue and actually allows me to ride down to colder temps than I could with my last bike, which was virtually totally shielded from the driver. The heat the engine throws keeps me warmer in colder temps. So, thats cool!

When it's 90 out, like it was here last week - the engine tosses a fair amount of heat - in my opinion. But lower than that, the heat from the engine is not a problem. I have never owned a cruiser or a bike with such an exposed engine like ours is, so I have nothing to compare it with and this heat may be a normal fact of bikes with exposed engines like ours.

If you like/love the bike, I would not consider this a deal breaker.

If you're totally split 50/50 on this and another bike? - Well....if you live where it's ungawdly hot all the time...I'm not sure then.

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i agree with the above comments my last bike a r1200rt felt very hot and bothered on those rare hot uk days, but i ran the ctx after in similar heat and it was alot cooler, even in heavy London traffic it is ok not cooking me like many past bikes, you will always get some heat from the barrels but the st dosent run overly hot so personally i feel you will be fine, ride safe cheers Garry
The heat that I fell off of this is nothing compared to the two HD's I had and the Kawa Nomad....
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The heat that I fell off of this is nothing compared to the two HD's I had and the Kawa Nomad....
feel even....... Fingers going too fast....
Compared to my BMW r nineT which is a 1200 cc boxer, the CTX is a bit of an oven :)

ST1300 heat

Recent letter in Motorcycle Consumer News
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As I stated in post 2 on this thread. This is a known issue with this engine. It is also not so bad on the CTX as on the ST since in the ST version the engine is fully enclosed in plastic and in the CTX version the engine is much more open. Those who DO wear riding pants of some kind, especially armored, will not notice the heat as much. Those who do NOT, and wear jeans or even shorts :eek: , will notice the heat a lot.
And now, my two cents
firstly, ill state black leather and the sun do not compliment each other
that being said, i find myself riding my ctx predominantly in shorts for recreation
naturally, i wear pants and full dress for work, but when its my time, shorts and a shirt
and i cant express how comfortable it is
unlike every other previous liquid cooled engine, v45 magna, and 1100 shadow in particular, when engine hit heat
the fan kicked on
not only a warm rush of air, but a defining wher or whine of the fan
not the ctx, i know its happening as i can feel the increase in heat, but ill be dammed if i can hear it
it is really comfortable, as the engine heat seeps through the cowling between your legs
add in the heated hand grips and in wind, rain, and snow (yes, i said snow)
its not only comfortable, but enjoyable
the day i picked it up, over 60 miles away, was snowing, and minus 3-5 Celsius, thought i would freeze
but honestly, if not for the fear of the snow, i enjoyed in immensely

again, with the comfort, shorts shirt and sunglasses, crank up the tunes and lets ride

El Loco D
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I just put on the tall windshield last week and the heat is more noticeable..... but then again I'm in southeast Texas where it is now 97 degrees and my ride home from work is in uniform with a bulletproof vest under my shirt so I'm hot anyway. As others have stated just move your knees out ever once in awhile. I also while sitting up straight raise my upper arms up a little so the wind can go down my sleeve and behind my vest. Then I'm all good.
Canadians don't know heat!!!
Having said that, I don't know snow....If ONE flake of snow is reported by the weather man, we shut down freeways, schools, anything that isn't emergency service, wipe out Walmart milk, break, and poptarts and shelter in place.:cool:
Wicking under garments(base layer) are great. Swim suit with good netting under you pants also cool. Even Heat Out from Cycle Gear is better than riding with no protection.
I've also used the leather. It is fine as long as I'm moving, but stop or slow more than 5 minutes and they need to call 911 to get me out of the...oh, no glass to break,...but it is still too hot...
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