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Well, picked the bike up yesterday afternoon and had to let it sit for most of the evening due to t-storms. But, today!

Odometer hit 465 miles. Had a very early start and didn't really know where I was going. I wound up at Deals Gap and rode the Tail of the Dragon both ways. What a way christen the new CTX1300! I can say that the bike NEVER scraped pegs, and I wasn't holding back. The only thing that touched the ground was my right heel on a particularly tight turn.

The bike performed flawlessly, and while parked at the Gap, had several Harley riders ask me if it was the F6B. I explained the new model, got a few thumbs up and went on my way.

I found that I really enjoy the bluetooth. I was able to have my GPS on my iPhone give me turn-by-turn directions through the speakers, while, also listening to Spotify. It worked extremely well and I don't think I'll really need to bother with a stand alone GPS unit.

I seem to have gotten use to the engine heat and have dealt with it by spreading my legs open a bit (don't be raunchy) to let some cool air circulate.

I think I would love if the hump right behind the drivers seat was just a bit further back. I'd contemplate having a custom seat made to accomplish this.

All-in-all a great ride today, I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow, but that will be the true test of the bikes comfort (my recuperation time aka, trick back)

Kinda glad I let you guys talk me into this bike :smiley-party0005:

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Glad you like the bike and what a great area to ride in......I need to make it back down there.....ahh....maybe next summer....enjoy!!!
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