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Unfortunatly , I don't have any stories to tell about the CTX , but i do admit on occasions it does feel good to leave others in your dust , A couple of years ago , wife and i were on this nice long straight heading into the hills about 10 klm in front ,.
Beutiful day , sun was shining we were on my rocket 3 , which i may add has been tricked out for a little more horsepower and tourque .

Anyway we were sat on the speed limit , thats all she allows unless were overtaking , and we heard the rumble before we seen them , the Harley hog club , must of been around 50-60 of them .

They come up behind , and sat probably 10 klm above the limit its not long before they overtake us ,, I wave my wife waves , and we got NOT ONE WAVE BACK , so fack em who cares .

They get in front and there leader with the flag slows them down ,, still sat on the same speed , i have to let pull out and overtake them , thinking what they playing at ,

Well fack me dead , has soon has i get passed just at the speed limit , they speed up and he passes me again with them all in tow perhaps 40 out of the 50-60 give us a sneer , and they pull in front of me almost cleaning me up , so i just drop my speed to about 20 klm less than the speed limit and let them get in front .
Well then i hear some words i never thought i would hear , first of all it was a smack on my helmit , with her right hand , , then she screamed at me , what the fack are they playing at , I said ignore them ,, she said ignore them , you got to be joking she said , . She then screamed down my ear , get a move on ya snivelling little runt , dont you dare let them dickheads over take you , Were on a rocket . .

So , i did'nt have to be told twice , , a twist of the throttle i was alongside them , i'm slowly overtaking them , and has i draw level with the leader ,, my wife shouts through the intercom shouts GUN IT YA WIMP , and she waves at him , well i gunn it and he comes after me , it was bye bye Harleys , They soon relized that 1600cc was no match for a tricked out 2300cc .

A couple of them carried on with it and when we hit the hills , i think they may have thought they would catch me , , but it did'nt take long and they were no where to be seen .

Got to admit , it was dangerous , it was fast , i was scraping pegs with the wife on the back and we hit some really high speeds , . but when we stopped the wife said , that was great , it was the most exhilerating ride i've ever had ,

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