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Another review just out this morning:

Road test: 2014 Honda CTX1300 | Driving:

Really like their comment that "Indeed, at least a few of the assembled autojournalists opined that the ST1300 would be better off having the CTX’s version of its engine."
Though I'm sure the ST crowd would cry out loudly at that statement.
And another very good point made that even though the CTX is 35 hp lower than the ST the low end torque is so good you wouldn't know it!
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Ride the CTX1300, however, and it feels anything but lethargic. Oh, the top end rush is somewhat diminished, but the changes have resulted in a gush of low-end torque, the V4 able to easily pull 2,000 rpm in top gear. The CTX’s rendition of the big V4 is the very definition of rheostat-like power; there are no peaks and valleys to the 1300′s powerband, only a constant rush of power no matter what rpm the engine is spinning.

This is a very good way to describe what it feels like. And coming from an older Gold Wing and then a cruiser, the 1300's engine is what I imagine it would be like to ride a sport bike. I actually have to be careful not to roll on the throttle too much, because the bike is VERY responsive and I often find myself going a bit faster than I should be. This will just take some getting used to.
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I'm loving this. Should only be a few more days now!
reviews are all looking good

keep em comin
Doesn't it kinda give you the idea that maybe Honda knew what they were doing this time??? :D
A co-worker bought a Honda ACE 750 back in 2001 just after I bought my Vulcan 750. He hated it. Said it couldn't keep up on the superslab on the portion he had to take to get to work. I couldn't understand how a 750 could be so lethargic since my Vulcan was out running anything on that same section of concrete. But it was a sluggard anyway. Fast forward to now. I think things are very much better and all the reviews by the so called experts seem to point to this CTX being what we all hope it is. You could almost call it a "sleeper" since it seems to surprise all the reviewers with it's performance.
Review are all goods,... i didn't make any mistake ordering this bike... ^^
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