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Garmin zumo390 mount

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Hi, I'm thinking about getting a handle bar mount for the Garmin Zumo390. My idea is to mount is in the middle of the handle bar as shown by picture.

Is there any mount that can fit the Garmin zumo390 like that?
I google and found Touratech mount, but not sure it will work or not, and it quite expensive for the mount.
Touratech Zumo 350/390LM Locking GPS Handlebar Mount - Touratech-USA

Thanks for idea.
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The top trim over the handlebar clamps would be a real problem for that Touratech mount that clamps to the handlebars. If you could find a RAM adapter that would work with that mount where a bar clamp is to one side of the handlebar clamps (as in JUST beside the handlebar clamp) and has a RAM arm to the center behind the Touratech mount? The last photo for the Touratech shows a RAM plate (RAM Square Base 2 x 1,7) to back it and then it would work. Would have to measure the distance from the side to the center plus about 30mm at least (for the width of the RAM bar clamp) to determine the right RAM arm to use. I have the Garmin locking bracket on mine with that same RAM Square Base on the back to mount to one side.
See my post HERE for photos of that.
(on my work computer and cannot get to my photo archive for a direct picture insert here... web site blocked)
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BTW- what I forgot to state was that I am thinking you can still have the Touratech sitting centered on the bar even with the RAM clamp off to one side and the RAM arm to reach back to the center in front of the handlebar clamps where you want it.

I mounted mine to the side since I wanted it more in my line of sight... higher up. I had it mounted in the center of the handlebars like you showed on my GW and on my Burgman but found I was looking down and too far away from the road to see it (I don't bother with voice prompts, do better to see the route). The perfect spot was on my ST where it was mounted on top the dash in the center and I could see it and the road at the same time. Where it is on my CTX is what I considered the second best location, but still a good one. :)
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