I know it's now approaching the warmer riding season now but perhaps some of you are thinking of farkles to buy to prepare for when the weather does turn colder again.
Now that I have heated grips and handlebar muffs I find I won't need the heated gloves any more.

Here's what they are:
Gerbing heated gloves in size: L (2007 version)
Head Demon 5 step heated gloves controller
Gerbing Y cable with 21 inch extension.
Gerbing power cable currently with a SAE connector.

Perfect working condition. Have used these since I bought them new. The original variable controller bit the dust several years ago so replaced with the Heat Demon controller. Those 5 steps work every bit as well as the variable controller did, perhaps even better. The gloves are in great working order with no issues of any cold spots. I get heat all the way out around my finger tips. The Velcro on the wrist tab was getting worn so I replaced with new loop material for the strap to restore factory grip on it. These gloves seem to be even warmer than my non-heated winter gloves even without turning on the heat. The Y cable has one leg longer than the other to allow for placing the joint connector to one side of your jacket. I added the SAE connector to the power cable to use with a battery tender type cable but that can be wired directly to the battery or a fuse block as long as a 3 amp fuse (minimum) is inline.

Asking $50 OBO. Shipping would be added to this price. Shipped from 50266.
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