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Just received a call and an email from this dealer saying they have confirmation that they will be receiving a 2014 gray/blue CTX1300 deluxe by end of this week or early next week. Their price is $15999 on the deluxe.

This is a dealer that previously responded to a request for quote but didn't have a price yet. They are less than 3 hrs away (175 miles). Maybe 2 hrs from Chicago :) . A bit far for me to go for just a test ride. Storm Lake Honda is closer. I'll wait on my local dealer to get one I can test ride and then (if I can swing it) buy from Storm Lake.
Figured stock would start showing up by the last half of the month.

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I was wondering how they were packaged for shipment. :confused: I assumed in a wooden crate like older dazzz. And I was thinking I'd ask them to take it apart carefully so I can keep take the crate parts home in my truck. Now what I see enables easy/controlled breakdown, and would be kinda neat to have. :) But I suspect what's shown is a reusable crate that goes back.. a greeen thing perhaps.:(
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