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I now have almost 11,000 miles on mine and the head bearings are starting to show an ugly looseness. One of the main problems on the VTXs was the crappy stock head bearings Honda puts in them and one of the almost manditory changes we all made was to swap the head bearings to AllBalls tapered roller bearings.

Now my CTX is exhibiting the same symptoms of shaking at certain speeds if I take my hands off the handlebars. It is a shake that starts out small but quickly amplifies to the point that you have to grab the bars or you gonna crash and burn.

Anyone else having that problem? I am going to do some research to see what kind of bearings the stock ones on the CTX are and if they are the same crappy bicycle type ball bearings, I am going to have to figure out which AllBalls bearings to buy. That might become a Tech Session excercise that we all wind up having to do.
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