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Headlight Beams

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Hello All,

For those that might be wondering what the LED headlights look like in darker conditions I put together this short video. I had a few people ask on YouTube so figured there might be a few here too...


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I haven't ridden this bike at night yet, but that looks plenty bright... and white.

Thanks again for posting. ;)
Thank you very much for sharing..It does look very bright.. and nice.. (god bless LED)

Another thing to see is the top speed... video..
I love the LED lights on the CTX1300. They are a HUGE improvement over the pathetic headlight on my 99 Magna, nice and bright and white. But guess what? I still can't see much farther than before - I guess have to blame the 56 year old eyes...
Thanks Dubbs Jim
Just awesome...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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