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Ok, did not get any glue in my kit that was supposed to include everything needed. The left grip slides right on , not like reg grips. I tried hair spray, no holding at all. Took it back off and will buy some glue tomorrow. Tested grips, they work great. The displays are great, worth the OEM price. I love how changes and turning on get you a huge display of status on screen. And the flashing led on the grip to let you know it's on and flashes to let you know it's warming up.

Very pleased.
In another post and thread somewhere here I remember reading someone wrapped a layer of electrical tape to help one of the grips to grip better. If there is any gap between grip and bar I have the feeling hairspray won't do anything, but if there is a snug fit then it will. Then again, I haven't done this so don't know for sure. Just going by what I've read in the forum.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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