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Greetings, everyone! Just to introduce myself, my name is Steve and I have been riding since around 1986. I started on an inexpensive Yamaha Radian, but quickly knew I needed a larger bike. So that's what I got--a new 1987 Gold Wing Interstate (1200 cc). My partner and I both had GL1200s and did quite a few nice trips--solo, just the two of us, and with a larger group. I was very impressed with the reliability of the Hondas, at least mine. The Wings seemed to have few mechanical problems. We sold them in 2005 for various reasons that seemed right at the time. I never lost the riding bug, though, and in the summer of 2011 I ran across a great deal on my current bike, a 2006 Shadow Sabre 1100. Although it was five years old, it had been in the showroom the entire time and had only one mile on the odometer and a full warranty. It was also about a third off, so buying it was practically an impulse decision!

I was so used to a touring bike that I felt like I had to learn to ride all over again, because the feel of a cruiser was so different. But I adapted, and the Shadow has been great for riding around town and on short trips, less than 100 miles. (I have a condition that makes sitting in one position for long periods very painful, so long trips are pretty much out of the question; luckily that condition seems to be improving.) I have customized the Sabre quite a bit, adding a windshield, lowers, floorboards, crash bars, backrest, luggage carrier, and several other minor items. Hard saddlebags are being added over the winter (I really missed the storage I had on the Wing). The best thing I added, though, was the Skene Design P3 Lights and Photon Blaster. Those have greatly increased the ability of other motorists to see me, and I am certain that they have saved me from more than one collision. They will definitely get added to any future bike.

As much as I love the Shadow, there are some features I would still like to have. Antilock brakes and traction control would make handling better for me. Better instrumentation would be great--even a true gas gauge would be a huge help! A slightly larger engine would make certain maneuvers, like merging into freeway traffic, much easier. So I am definitely looking hard at the CTX1300 Deluxe.

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Welcome to the forum!

Let us know if you have any questions and let us know what other bikes you are considering too.

Is it sitting generally that is the problem for you, or could things be improved/worsened depending on the seating position?
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