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Honda of Melbourne Forever Warranty

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I'm betting there is some pretty fine print, but I've never heard of a Forever Warranty. Pretty bold claim, and certainly does make the dealership stand out.

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Yea I don't trust a forever warranty. There must be a catch. I can't see them fixing or replacing parts of your motorcycle 10 years from now when something actually breaks.

Have you guys ever heard of a forever warranty before?
I would expect a real forever warranty with some struggling or emerging brand like Hyundai, but thats to do with cars. But this is Honda. I would read the FINE print on this
They heard how long I kept my last few bikes and figured that's enough to even out the average in their favor. :D
Went to their web site and found the warranty forever page. Here's what they say there:

Warranty Forever
Here at Honda of Melbourne we are proud to offer a real powertrain warranty at no charge for as long as you own your vehicle. We are the only powersports dealer in the country with Warranty Forever! Not all "LIFETIME" programs are equal and ours is the best in the business! Warranty Forever is available on all new and pre-owned vehicles at Honda of Melbourne. Yes, even pre-owned! We want you to be as confident in our pre-owned vehicles as we are!
Just do recommended maintenance outlined by the vehicle's manufacturer, and you're covered forever! That means unlimited time and unlimited miles! In the event you ever have a break down, all repairs to the powertrain components will be performed at no cost to you, nationwide! No deductible, no hooks, no catches, no gimmicks!

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Transaxle
  • Seals & Gaskets
  • Fuel Delivery System
  • Wheel Bearings

No other limitations are noted on that page.

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Impressive - that would steer me to that dealer if I lived in the area. Probably can't do your own maintenance or any huge modifications to the bike. Neither of those are a bad thing. :cool:
Not a bad deal at all, do all your maintenance as you're already supposed to and you will have the bike covered forever = win
It might be a good thing to look up this dealer on a review site to make sure that there aren't any complaints from disgruntled customers or anything. It's one of those things that makes people really skeptical. It seems too good to be true. I would travel there to buy the CTX 1300 over other dealers if this is the case.
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interesting... so time for everyone to buy their Hondas from Melbourne :)
Not a motorcycle forever warranty but here in Arizona,
I know that my Dodge Ram truck and my wives Jeep are both covered with a Forever warranty, or 999,999,999,99 miles. To date the only thing I HAD to pay for on my truck is the spark plugs. I do most of my own maintenance, on the bikes, quads, cars, & truck.

Have to have it inspected every 5 years by a Dodge/Jeep dealer.
Forever warranty

I went by this dealer in Melbourne today. Per the sales guy Dan Martin you have to have them (the dealer) do the service maintenance or an approved dealer by them. Some other dealer on a regular basis would not be allowed only if you were say touring or traveling. I don't think you could fly in from Dallas buy a bike and expect to have all maint. done somewhere else.

This dealer is a Honda Powerhouse Dealer.
They have no limit on units they can get, they don't sell any other brand and the owner also owns the Honda car dealership and a Lexus dealership I think and Jeff Bodine is somehow connected with the ownership of the motorcycle dealership but there is a majority owner.

Not sure about the CS department or if they have many complaints. There is always someone that complains no matter who you are I suppose but I have never dealt with them. I don't think the life time warranty would be for me unless they had good low cost on service.

After a standard warranty is up I would do all the work myself anyway. I have owned several used bikes and never had to have anyone do the work for me. Maybe if I blew a engine I might but that would be about it
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