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Some MPG reports, yes I am a tight wad!:smileygarden_de_ban
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Mine is getting better each fill up during the first 1500 miles. Not there yet where I expect it to be. Second fill was just over 37+ mpg average (don't count the first since that is ridiculously low during break-in). Third was 40+ mpg ave. Fourth fill was 43+ mpg ave. I've been seeing instant readings now around 50-55 mpg or higher at steady speeds on level road regardless the speed (65 down to 35 mph even). I find these readings with keeping the rpms at or below 2500 where possible. Of course in 5th gear 55 mph is at about 3050 rpm, 60 at 3250 rpm, 65 at 3550, 70 at 3950 rpm. MPG only drops below 50 mpg at over 65 mph or if going slightly uphill at speed. Like I said, each fill is still getting better. I expect it to level out at at least over 1500 miles on the clock. Just over 920 miles now.

BTW- you are not the only tightwad. Only I say I'm cheap. Actually it's low cost quality?
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Last couple of tankfuls I got just over 48 mpg. But that was before the windshield; I should be tanking up again in the next day or two, so we'll have a new and better number shortly.
For my trip up to the Smokys and back (about 500 miles), I got 42 mpg. I have just over 1300 on the clock at the moment. I guess I was expecting better from hearing what you all have been saying, but it just now occurred to me that the vast amount of my miles are with a passenger on board. That has got to ding the mpg some...
I just got from my fist road trip and I'd say that I averaged 40ish with a little more than 1,000 miles on the bike.
I am up to average of 44.8 on this last tank including a bit of stop and go rush hour traffic. total of 600 miles on counter
Those numbers sound ok to me, I was worried it would be in Goldwing range like 32-37. I'm spoiled with my NC700 @ 68-72 mpg. It is a great bike but I will need a bigger bike once my move to NC is complete. I think I will buy the CTX1300 when I'm out there for the month of August. Someone from NC posted a nice price from a dealer about 100 miles south of my NC home. I'm in the Randleman area, home Of Richard Petty!
I am up to average of 44.8 on this last tank including a bit of stop and go rush hour traffic. total of 600 miles on counter
This is concerning me, too ... I've got a few trips to work on this tank, and it's either 1st-2nd stop and go, or 80 mph to not get run over, with not much in between. Yeah, that's rush hour in RI. :mad:
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