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Greetings to y'all. I've been riding Hondas for 47 years and I'm looking hard at the CTX. It would seem to be a nice upgrade from my 2005 VT1100C2 which is getting a little long in the tooth. Reliability is high on my list as breaking down far from home can be so unpleasant. The V4 on the CTX seems to fit the bill. I'm mildly ragged that Honda bundles together stuff I want (ABS, Traction control) with stuff I don't (colored teeth, speakers, etc). I ride to get away from all that. The sound of the wind and the engine is plenty for me.

I'm looking forward to learning from the collective wisdom of y'all.

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Welcome !
You came to good place to learn about the ctx1300. That is the reason I joined. The site has a forum filled with links to magazine reviews of the bike. Then there are reviews of folks that own and are riding it. Cruise around the pages, pick and choose what grabs your attention

Good luck and good riding
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