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I couldn't resist it RnineT (not related to CTX)

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I have been thinking about RnineT since i first saw it. However, i was delayed and i couldn't get the first lots of this bike so i didn't get it and after serveral logic thinking i go for CTX 1300. I confident that CTX1300 is a very good bike and i'm waiting for it for arrival. But my need still not fully satisfied. Bimmer is a bimmer, i always think of the RnineT as is will do for cool ride in the city. So i called to the dealer, he told me that my country got the 2nd lot quotat which will arrive on November 2014 and that most likely the end of the RnineT for this country and the end of production is possible to be May 2014, either get it now or don't. I was exciting and told my friend, who i convinced him to buy CTX1300 as he looking for the new bike but didn't success so far, surprisingly for RnineT he give a go response. Now..it come back to me. I couldn't bear the feeling that my friend got the bike that i want,and i have to ride with him seeing that bike. No way!! So I going to buy it, this coming thursday, another bike RnineT with CTX1300 my first motorcycle..

RnineT for city ride, CTX1300 long trip ride.. that all i can think of...

I hope i didn't make any stupid mistake.. My wife going to complaint for sure... hahhahahah :515::515:

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Got enough ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ for two bikes? Go for it!! :D
Yes I am with Ed 2 bikes is better than one
Hey Firsttime911, I also have a 2014 r NineT and LOVE it, but yes, it's NOT a touring bike, albeit a VERY comfortable riding bike. At first, I thought about trading my nineT on a CTX1300 Deluxe (in blue) but I came to the same conclusion as you. the BMW for around town, and the CTX1300 for touring!
Congrats. Those look awesome.
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