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I think I'm going cruiser - a little

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Seems I'm thinking cruiser more than I used to. I'm not really particularly a cruiser dude, more of a tourer dude. I like the GW style of riding. Not really a fan of the v-twin cruiser culture style of riding... or equipment... until now... a little anyway.

Been thinking of what I want to do to replace the function of the tank bag I constantly used on my ST1100. I never really rode anywhere without it and came to rely on having that bag available to store things I always wanted with me when I rode, but also needed to bring in to my destination (usually work) or home. I guess you can call it my "man-bag" :eek:

With the CTX1300 the top shelter really does not lend itself well to a tank bag. I've was using my large-ish lunch box and then migrated to a smaller waist pack but that still doesn't allow much room for anything extra and it takes up room in a saddlebag that I would prefer to have available when stopping at the grocery store. I can still fit a LOT of groceries in the storage on this bike even without a top case, like I have on the ST.

Thinking a tail bag is the answer. I've been looking over what is available and decided I really don't want anything large, or at least not much larger if at all than my old tank bag was. Found a few that would work but one had reviews that said the straps pulled out and another was more money than I really wanted to spend and yet another was bigger than I really wanted (I don't need a suitcase on the back seat). I also wanted a bag that would lend itself easily to being strapped on top of my dry bags when I go mc camping. I found this bag by Dowco that looks like it will just fit what I am looking for. It is just a little bit bigger volume than my old tank bag and is designed to be strapped on top of other luggage. I'm also beginning to like that the handle is on top rather than on the end so I wouldn't be tipping it on end to carry it in wherever. I even verified that it wouldn't be in the way for my view from the mirrors. (I've had a 24 pack of Coke strapped on the back seat and couldn't see that in the mirrors).

Yep, it's a small "roll bag" that I've always associated with cruiser dudes and big v-twins with sissy bars, etc. I've always avoided the cruiser look since that just seemed wrong to be seen strapped on a s-t type bike. :cool:

But this is a really nice bag and has a nice price. Saw it at a local small time motorcycle shop locally yesterday and then found it on Amazon for almost $20 less. But hey, I figured the CTX is at least part cruiser and I think this would look good on the back seat. Might even be able to mount it on the tail without a rack if my wife ever does decide to ride with me somewhere local. :);)
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Are you also thinking of storing your sidestand puck in this bag?
Are you also thinking of storing your sidestand puck in this bag?
Hah, ... maybe but not likely yet. I prefer having it easier to get to. I'd have to get off the bike and trust any soft ground to hold it until I could get it out of the bag. I've noted that most tail bags will not allow easy access while siting on the bike. When camping, some of the places I park need that puck to be available before I get off the bike so I need to be able to get to it while still sitting on the bike holding it off the stand. I thought of maybe a bar bag but haven't found one of those narrow enough to not block the speedo and tach... yet. But a bar bag would be the ideal for locating the side stand puck (other than where I have it now).
I think you're going out of your mind myself ... but that's just me.

I'm going to be looking for a tool bag, but for the backrest. I have two that strap onto a regular sissy bar-type backrest (two tubes) that didn't work well on the Thunderbird because of the weird angle that was at. I'm hoping one of them will work on the CTX backrest, but I'm not optimistic because it looks like it's a single support coming up from the luggage rack.

Here's one of them on the back of the VTX1800:

(Bob, now that's going cruiser.)
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