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Jerky throttle mod

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Receive my one last Wednesday SN 184 Blue standard 18,999 mspr and after some miles I feel the little jerky throttle manage and the vibration at the handlebar when hit road imperfections. On my Suzuki m90 the jerky throttle was terrible to deal, I fix it with a cobra fi 2000 a softer rear shock coil and decreasing the radio of the throttle grip and increasing the ratio at the throttle drum. Now the m90 runs smooth and sweet. I do the throttle mod on the CTX on Saturday and put 100 miles yesterday and feel the jerky was gone. Its and easy mod I used a dremel with a carbon disk to make a channel in the cable guide at the throttle grip and used two 22 gauge cable with some cynoacrylitic medium glue and insert it at the throttle drum( the part that opens the air butterfly). Also I want to put some hard rubber at the triple tree with the riser to absorb the handlebar vibration. I love these bike its very smooth and a pleasure to ride, its the best ride in my 8 riding years. Excuse my errors I do the best I can with English language.
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Your English is fine!

Thanks for the info. Good luck with your handlebar mod. Let us know how that works out, too. :)
Bumping this to see if anyone has any experience doing something like this.

Could you provide us some pictures of your modification?

Ron I don't take pictures when do it but give some time. I need to dissemble some parts to take the photos and I am not a computer man but aim gone to try.The mod its something like the Throttle Tamer G2 you can search it in Google and in the throttle drum I put two 22 gauge wire flat by pliers with cynoacrylitic glue,also I close the pair valve. The jerkiness was practically all gone, beyond 60 miles I don't feel any throttle on off only very little on lower speed. My next mod O2 sensor eliminator. Excuse my English, I do the best I can.I think I sound like an Indian.
If something like this proves to be an easy and reliable mod, I would do it. I think I might have commented in an earlier post that I did not find the throttle jerky. After 650 miles I have changed my mind. It is jerky at any speed over bumps, but that is not so bothersome to me. Where it does bother me, for example, is downshifting to second and making a right turn. In this situation, if there is still some engine braking from the downshift, along with a bump or two, the jerkiness can get a bit unsettling. Make no mistake though; I am still lovin' my CTX!
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