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Video of my journey to London, UK, to meet up with a bunch of ex Royal Air Force buddies that I was in training with in 1965-66.
Most of us were telegraphists, doing Morse Code and Voice communicaitons, and the others were Photographers, a more complex trade than it may sound when it is related to the Military!
What a great night, meeting up and chatting although we've met up before it's only been about 4 times since the first reunion in 2003.

This video includes a bit of a bonus for me, as you know my handle is djrose007 so you can imagine my delight when my SatNav took me over the Thames river at Vauxhall Bridge. On the South side of the bridge is the SIS HQ (Secret Intelligence Service, the equivalent of the CIA I guess).
You would recognise it if you've seen any of the latest Bond movies.

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