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Madstad and Me

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This weekend I put about 200 miles on the bike with the new Madstad windscreen (15 inch). Here are my impressions and some pictures. Right now I have it set at a 60 degree angle; the top edge at about chin level so I am peering over it, not into it. I initially had it too low and this produced a lot of turbulence at the helmet. So I gradually moved it up and eventually hit a sweet spot. If I stretch my head up a few inches I hit the turbulence; if I scrunch down a few inches it is totally quiet. The screen makes a huge difference in air pressure on the upper torso. However, it still lets a lot of air hit my arms which is good since the temps were in the mid 80's. I may experiment with the angle at some later point in time, but right now I don't want to mess up the set up. There were crosswinds of about 15-20 and one could feel the bike getting blown around a little more relative to when I had the short screen, but after awhile I didn't notice this so much. With the Madstad screen I could hear music even up to 75 mph and I could leave my faceshield up or down....it didn't matter. The screen took some major hits from large insects and this alone is a good reason to have it. The mounting system is rock solid and there was no sign of flexing or bending up to 80 mph. With this screen you can really hear the engine and the engine noise. I kept trying to shift into 6th gear. P.S. My trip yesterday ended at a nature preserve and I traveled a bit down a hard-packed sandy road (trail?). The bike did just fine. However, paved roads with lots of stress cracks are a real pain.


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Thanks for the write-up and the pics -- looks nice! The angle you have it set at sounds (and looks) a lot like the factory tall shield -- a nice pocket of quiet air, but still a good bit on the arms (good!), and you look over it and not through it (also good).

And of course it's another option, which is always very good. :)
I like the look of that. I really like the way a person can adjust it for individual comfort.

The tall Honda shield is good, but not great. I may consider moving up to the Madstad next year. I think I'll try a Laminar Lip on the tall Honda shield first.
I went to the madsta website and found there listing for the CTX1300 about two sizes available but no prices shown
I emailed Madstad about that and was told that I would need to call to order a windshield for the CTX. So I called last week and ended up talking to Mark, the owner, who also handled my order. He said they were swamped with orders and haven't been able to update the website. He also warned me that my order wouldn't ship for a few days, so you may want to plan for that if you're under a time crunch. Mine is due to arrive next Monday and I can't wait to put it on.
Being swamped with orders is a VERY GOOD THING!
Indicates to me that the CTX1300 is more popular than many thought.

Calling all new CTX1300 owners: come here and join up!
Oops, sorry for not being clear. He was swamped by orders in general, but especially with KTMs, he said. 1190s I'm guessing.
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