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motorcycle.com video review

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Here's the link to the motorcycle.com video review from another post here. Thought it deserves it's own thread.

2014 Honda CTX1300 Review

And here's the associated written review
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I guess when there's an American review everyone is all over it.
lol its ironic. none of the minor gripes mentioned in the european reviews are mentioned in the american vids. but i'm curious to see the moto usa review when they get around to it. Had my first go an an st1300 today. yes she seems as old as the road compared to her modern sport touring counterparts, but i have to admit i understand now the love affair you owners have with this bike. if the engine in the ctx is more of the same but with more low down grunt, this bike will sell
Leave it to Honda to be unique - a V4 in a cruiser/bagger/tourer
Leave it to Honda to be unique - a V4 in a cruiser/bagger/tourer
That be the whole point -- I've been waiting for this bike for 12 years now precisely because I don't want the same big lumbering V-twin that everybody else has. ;)
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THIS is the kind of review I've been waiting for! I was a bit worried about the sound of the engine--in one of the earlier European videos it was so screechy that it was painful. But this video told me exactly what I needed to know: the engine sounds GREAT, much better than I expected.

Seeing the footage of it actually being ridden is driving me insane now, since it has been about 4 months since I've been on a bike and I'm dying to get back in the saddle!
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