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Howdy fellow riders! Newbie to this forum, but a long time rider (40+ years), mostly on Hondas, but a few "others" along the way. Been riding the same Valkyrie for the past 10 years and started looking for something new last year. I find choosing a new bike always involves compromises, and it always depends how you will be riding. I ride a few times a week to run errands around town, one or two 100 mile rides a week and one several thousand mile trip a summer. Comfort and handling are two of my top priorities, given that riding a Honda usually means reliability and proven performance for most of their bikes. The CTX 1300 immediately sparked my interest, so I went to the Mpls Motorcycle show last night to check it out. It was very comfortable for me (5'10" w 32 inseam), I liked that the foot pegs were located a little ahead of my knees, more so than my Valkyrie, and the handle bars came back enough so that I didn't feel like I was reaching out for them. I have added 3" pullback/risers to my Valkyrie, so the CTX 1300 seemed similar. Seat also was comfortable, especially for stock. My concern is wind protection and I won't know that will be a problem until I ride one. The optional taller windshield seems like it will have to be very tall to give the rider wind protection because the fairing is so low, so that bothers me. Speakers sounded pretty good without the motor running, so again, hard to tell until you get it out on the highway. Hard bags were fairly roomy, but I think most of the things you have stored in them will fall out when they are opened. This bike has potential for me and I hope my wind concerns will not be a problem.

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Looking good there. Wish I could have made it up but that's a 5 hour ride and with the weather what it's been (snow/freezing rain and dropping temps) that wasn't a good idea. I always ride with a full face helmet (used to be modular) so I don't mind if the wind wash coming off the shield hits me about the chin bar. The helmet vents work better that way. From watching video and reading about the F6B that's where the wind is likely to be. It's also smoother that way than if the shield were tall enough to deflect the wind *over* the helmet entirely. I had that with my GW with a very tall Tulsa shield that deflected the wind about a hand above my helmet. Lots of buffeting on the backside that way and not the best for my wife riding pillion cuz that's just where the wind circles down to back fill the dead air bubble behind it. I am hoping the taller shield is maybe 6-8 inches higher max. I might tolerate as much as 12 inches taller than stock. I am done looking *through* the shield. I only did that on the GW and never again. I cut down the shield on my ST1100 so I am looking over it by about 3 inches. Sometime tempted to cut it down another 2-3 inches. From the F6B reviews I've read the fairing is very similar on the CTX and therefor should provide wind protection from the chin bar down. The bags are basically very similar to mine on both the ST and my old GW. Didn't have a problem with things falling out. Even forgot to close one bag all the way on my GW after a stop and travelled 30 miles on a county highway with it hanging open until the next town where a car pulled up next to me to point it out. Bag was full of stuff and nothing had fallen out. Of course on the GW and on my ST bags there is a cross strap to hold stuff in. I don't see any strap on the CTX bags nor any attachment points for one so that might be something to be added, or just use a saddle bag liner. I'm sure the after market will come out with custom fitted liners just for those bags. I'd be interested in those since I would want to just grab and go when travelling.
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