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My first week on the CTX1300! :smiley-happy0034:

Took delivery Friday July 18 on the out of the crate CTX1300 Red Deluxe. Put almost 800 miles on it in 10 days and I’ve got to say, “It’s a joy to ride.” I’ve done commuting back a forth to work and a 250 mile trip to the Adirondacks riding with my son on his VFR. Yesterday, the wife got on the back and we did a tour for the afternoon. That is the first time I’ve had a passenger on it, plus several small trips to various locations. Basically, I’m digging for excuses to ride it. I think that is the most telling comment I can make.

It is so well balanced that I feel more comfortable than on any first rides of a bike I’ve ever owned. The larger Honda windshield is pretty good. I can ride with my full faced visor open and enjoy the air flow. There is not a lot of buffeting and I can enjoy the sweet sound of that engine. The short screen on the demo bike was so loud, couldn’t hear anything but the wind. I particularly like the burbling exhaust sound as you decelerate. Sweet! I’ve found it easier to move it by hand backwards into garage parking than I expected. Although I haven’t tried the hill into the house garage cause without the center stand, there is not enough room to park it there. The shifting is the best. It invites clutch-less shifting smooth and positive.

I think the engine is all I’ll ever need. Two up on the several mile and half long grades we have around here, proved to me that it’s a sweet mill and will do anything I’m likely to ask it to do. I’m getting almost 53 mpg calculated by using the mileage and gas data after fill-ups. Even got 51 mpg on yesterday’s two up ride. Rode the tank as close to empty as I dared to test out the low gas data features and with 41 miles remaining on the tank, as per the readout, I loaded up 4.3 gallons of fuel. That seems pretty accurate to me.

There are several comparisons to the ST1100 I could make, things I may miss, like the deep pockets in the fairing and the 7.5 gallons in the tank, but these things are trivial to the overall riding pleasure I get from this bike.

I’ve accessorized it with the tall windshield, tour pack trunk, and the battery tender lead. The center stand, heated grips, 12 v plug and the spanner wrench are all on back order. I’ll try to load up some pictures in the gallery.

That’s my first ride report.

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