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Yesterday I happened by, again, the Honda dealer to see what the local place would really do for me and while they were thinking on that and adding up the figures I took the CTX1300 for another test ride.

My first test ride was last weekend on a very nice Saturday afternoon and if you're interested you can read about it HERE (I unintentionally just started writing it when I really just wanted to reply to posts on that thread, oops).

This test ride was shorter and more local around the neighborhoods around the dealer location. It's located in one of the "lower priced" sides of town so the streets are less than ideal if you really want smooth. But that was the intention. Any time I visit this dealer to pick up parts to have service done there is a street I take to get back to the beltway (shortest way home from there) that has a long down hill section followed by a long up hill section, both fairly steep and about 3/8-1/2 mile long each. I wanted to see how the CTX would behave at slower speeds around neighborhoods and on that street in particular. It was a good comparison since I ride this, as I said, with my ST1100 every time I'm out that way. The CTX performed flawlessly with one very minor "difference." I do notice the bumps a little more with the CTX than with the ST. About the same weight bikes and the same road bumps. It's not bad, and just a slight difference but it's there. The CTX handled low speed maneuvering very nicely and naturally. There is one turn that is very sharp in that the two street intersect at an offset angle, not 90*, more like a 135* corner to turn. The CTX handled this just a tad better than my ST. I think that says a lot since I am used to my ST and not so much the CTX, but the CTX just seemed to be more natural to manage in these situations. The CTX coasted very lightly down the longish hill keeping a constant speed and then powered up the other side as if it was flat... all in 3rd gear at about 25-30mph. I would never attempt riding up that hill on my ST at the same LOW rpm as I did on the CTX since that would definitely lug the engine on the ST. The CTX handled it without a problem. I was even able to accelerate while on the uphill side a little (had a cage in front of me so couldn't do too much of that). The rest of the ride was handling stoplights and more bumpy roads back to the dealer. About 4 miles total.

One of the things I really wanted to verify is volume of the saddlebags. I have to take my work laptop home every night so that case has to fit somewhere enclosed on the bike (in case of rain). I've tried to fit it in my ST saddlebags but it's just too big to fit. The CTX specs say its saddlebags are the same volume but I am convinced they are more likely just a fraction more than 35 liter and my ST bags are a bit less than 35 liter. I tried my laptop and case in the saddlebags on the CTX and it fits perfectly. About the same up and down as my current saddlebags but just a little longer and even the depth is just a little more.

I also paid more attention to the mirrors this time. While they are not as tall as the mirrors on my ST they are just as wide if not a little bit wider. The reservoirs do cover the inside bottom corner of my view of the mirrors but so do they also on my ST, and the ST handlebars are much much narrower. I am able to adjust the CTX mirrors to see behind me just fine without any issues.

Also was thinking of the airstream a little. My riding jacket has shoulder vents that I've never been able to fully utilize. The GW put me in a totally calm bubble (with a lot of buffeting on my back side). My ST still has me in a bit of a bubble, only the top of my helmet gets much air and not so much buffeting. Less bubble, less buffeting and turbulence on the back. My Burgman 650 had a lower shield, though still taller than the CTX, and I was partially able to utilize my shoulder vents but still not ideal since the airstream was really still about my nose level. The CTX stock screen would allow full use of my shoulder vents which would be ideal in warmer weather since the airstream hits just at my shoulders, just above my arm pits. I like this. :D

Now, as to the "improved" quote from this dealer. Well, not so improved really. Better than the first quote from 2 months ago but still way over what others have reported here and what I was given from Storm Lake Honda and a few others around Iowa. I have a feeling the CTX1300s they have on their showroom may build up a few more test ride miles before they can sell them at those prices.

Now, to get my better half to go along with buying a new vehicle rather than a used one. :)

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