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I work at a major Atlanta bike dealership and have my pic of pretty much any bike I want. I've done the analysis, endlessly weighed pros and cons, lurked in chat rooms, read the major biker press, sat on more bikes that you can imagine, and tried to integrate the best and negate the worst of my 20 odd bikes of the past.

At the end, here's what I wanted:
1. Ax like reliability.
2. Enough performance to give me an occasional thrill (or chill).
3. Passenger accommodations that are reasonable, but not necessarily over the top.
4. Something light or low enough to scoot around the garage on "military seasoned" knees, back and shoulders.
5. An intelligent design.
6. Unique looks that keep a bike from being an "also ran" at bike nights.
7. Financing that was 1/2 of a car, or 1/2 of my first house, whichever is less.

The CTX 1300D accomplishes all of these in spades! It's the perfect love child between my '03 Ultra Classic and old BMW R1150RS - smooth with a head to refined.

I just closed the deal and rode it home in a warm Atlanta rain. My legs and waist were dry. The easy-off blinkers were a delight, and the ABS and traction control made the bike sure-footed on slick terrain. The substantial mid-range made dominating city streets effortless.

My thoughts on competitors:
1. F6B - great bike, but no reverse and 1/3 more expensive made it a non-contender.
2. Goldwing (full boat). Too much bike for daily use. Would dominate the garage, suck the budget dry, all with just a little too much AARP thrown in. I know they're faster than given credit, but it's just too much.
3. Harleys: Been there, done that, got the $48 t-shirt. Some of the best friends money can buy. Dubious reliability (sorry - I worked for them and owned one - I know of which I speak).
4. BMW: fails on reliability. Naysayers will trot out their anecdotal evidence, but in a sport touring or touring rig, you're always a bad diff away from an expense stranding.
5. Ducati: Very tempted by the Multi-Strada, but in the end, common sense prevailed. Regardless of the PR, the company is still non-responsive to frequent issues. Again - I've seen too much first hand.
6. Aprilla/Moto Guzzi/ and etc: Small dealer networks make for a tough and depended situation when something inevitably goes wrong.

Very Happy with my purchase! By the way, I ride on alternating Sundays. Always open to ride with others in the area.

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Welcome here to this place @DanThePortTouringMan!
Sounds like a word smith with info!
I concur on all points. Had the Gold Wing and cancelled my AARP membership. My first was HD. Learned a bit from that and didn't hear any different from other owners over the years so stayed away. Knew Honda was the choice for long term riding relationships and this was just what I was looking for. Glad to have you here.

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All very interesting, thank you. An analysis worthy of a spreadsheet. But what color????? That's what we really need to know. :350x700px-LL-66dd6d:520:
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You'll enjoy it. Your " Seasoned Knees" will feel it pushing it around though. They are about 750lbs. You don't feel the weight at all riding it but you do pushing it. At least I do.
This is the perfect bike for the guy who wants a good touring bike but not really ready for a Goldwing. My case. This is my mile muncher. :smileygarden_de_ban

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