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Hi, "Bonjour"

I just found this great site with an active forum. :ty:
In France there is no equivalent for the CTX 1300.

I will try to improve my English by reading from and share with you.:cool:

I introduced myself:
I am French, I am 42 years old, I am married and have a child.
I love the bike since I was young.

I had several bikes in the past:
- Kawasaki 125KMX
- Honda CB500
- Kawasaki ZR7
- 1100 Honda Shadow (saber)
- BMW R850 RT
- BMW R 1200 RT & BMW F650 Scarver for my wife

Despite several serious accidents I always do the two wheels.
I bought since the last accident the Honda Transalp 600v my neighbor.
But I dream before the CTX 1300 since its release at the end of last year.

This story should have stayed in the dream state and I certainly do not want to have to register on this forum, so I did not have the following information:

I just learned from my Honda dealer that the CTX 1300 France is finalized! :eek:

This bad news comes out very good: discount on the price of socks.:smiley-happy0034:

The price of the new 2014 CTX1300 in France = € 17,699 ($ 22,040)
(deluxe version only in France but without the black rims)

Now my dealer offers me a new CTX1300 with accessories:
- Fog lights,
- High Windscreen
- Topcase

And the actual business proposal is € 11,900 ($ 14,931) and I admit that I am very tempted to buy it ...

I expect a new proposal for the coming days.
I may well be a new owner and one of the few French to love this CTX 1300

Wait & See

Hope to read from you and share
Best regards


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A Big Howdy from the USA.

CTX13 is a great bike. Hope you at least get a chance to test ride one.

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Welcome to the forum! Glad you joined. As you've been reading (I am certain) you have noticed there is a lot of good information here on the CTX1300.
Sounds like you have a very good offer to consider there. Do go and test ride one. But be aware, if you like it you'll likely end up buying it. WE are all sure you'll like it. :D

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You are sick, and there is no cure! I know the symptoms because I had them too.
You can only treat the symptoms with the purchase of the CTX.
Your are, however, doomed to carry this illness for the rest of your life.
I joined this forum before I purchased the bike also.
I expect to see a new photo of your bike in less than 30 days!!!!!!
I do think you will get the black(best color) bike due to your forum name.

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I wanted to get a black one at first, so I could name it "Black Betty" like the song. But I fell in love with the red, and my wife named it Dorothy after the lead character in The Wizard of Oz. She said she wants it to bring me home safely, just like the Ruby Slippers, and I couldn't argue. :)
... But in my own mind, I call it "Cherry Bomb." :p
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Thank you all for your welcome.
Indeed, if I buy it, my CTX will be black.
I will certainly do the chroming of some parts.

My first question :
I do not know if there are already an existing kit of rear suspension, produced by Progressive Suspension ?

Thanks in advance

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je fais donc partie des heureux possesseurs d'une CTX 1300 Française !!

à ce prix là avec les options que tu indiques , il n'y a aucune hésitation a voir ..
( pour info la mienne (rouge) je l'ai eu d'occasion 1500 KM 13800 € en septembre, sans options)

Rendez vous pour la série de photos avec toi dessus ..

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