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Hello. I'm 6'5", 35 inch inseam size 15 shoe I ride a 2008 Kawasaki 1600 Nomad, plenty of leg room on this bike.
I've always wanted a ST1300 but my knees hit the fairing, my knees hit the fairing on a gold wing too and my toes hit the cylinder heads when I go to shift or brake.

I saw the CTX1300 and will try it. I called my dealer and have a blue one on order. If it fits I'll buy it.......here's hoping it fits and there is a place to mount high way pegs.

What I don't understand about Honda is why they don't put electronic cruise control on the CTZ1300 or the F6B. Dumb move in my opinion.

Glad to be here couldn't believe there is a forum already before the bike is out.

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Hi Bob! Welcome aboard.

I was equally surprised to stumble on this forum as well, maybe more surprised than when I first saw the news that this bike was even coming. I hope it fits you as well. There should be a bit more knee room next to the V-4 heads than the others, but who knows for sure until we see one in the flesh. I'm a more diminutive 5'9" with a 31" inseam, so knocking knees on the tupperware has never been an issue for me.

Nope, for me it's just been a never-ending search for the perfect ride, which is why very few bikes have lasted more than two years in the garage. (My riding buddy just thinks I'm neurotic -- he may yet be right.) The CTX1300 looks on paper at least to be everything I think I want in a bike. Time will tell for me as well.
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