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Well my 2002 Wing went last week and i traded my 2012 Yamaha Tennere on my blue deluxe ctx1300. Have put 400 miles on the new bike and I gotta say this bike is great! I know I will be putting a lot of miles on this machine. Very comfortable with the exception of the windshield or lack of. Well I knew that was going to happen, no surprise. Ordered a shield from Madstad as I dont think the tall Honda shield would make me happy. Coming from a wing with 133,000 miles I want comfort,comfort, comfort. My Yamaha was a motorhome queen with a tall Parabellum shield and that did the job. Some things I have done to the ctx: Vista cruise throttle lock, gps mount[ made 1/8 aluminum plate to mount under the two forward handelbar clamp bolts and mounted my Ram 1" ball to the plate and the Ram clamp and gps cradle to the ball. No interference with instruments or anything else. In front of the triple tree there are 2 mounts that support the cable and hose clamps. Each mount has a hole in it so I bolted a piece of aluminun about 3" square to to the mounts and then bolted a power outlet to it,I'll use that for the gps. Got the power outlet from Cycle Gear. I found that under the seat just in back of the crossmember with the white sticker on it is a wire loom with a blank plug on the end. Those wires are probably for the power outlet that comes standard on the Canadian bike.
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Welcome! and thanks for the additional info. :D
Great Choice on the Blue...its the best looking one IMHO..lol!! I would love to see pics of your set up when you get some time!
Congrats on the new scoot, and thanks for the info! ;)
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