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Hi guys ,purchased a new set of Hyperpro rear shocks. They cost $900 Australian which is about $12 American……
You can order online and chose different settings for weight / upgrades etc.I received mine in less than a week. i changed them out in an hour as it’s quite easy you don’t have to remove the rear cowl just remove the front push pins to give a bit of extra room.The only downside is the threaded preload is behind the rear cowl so if your static sag isn’t right you’ll have to take them off to wind more or less preload,unless you really want to take all the rear plastic off ! Stuff that! My sag was spot on. You can get your hand in to adjust rebound easily.
Our goat tracks that pass for roads in western nsw make it hard to set any bike up but of course anything is better than stock.I’ve set them up fairly soft for rebound and they feel really compliant so far
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