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Hello all,

I am a current Honda Fury owner but I have been lurking around this forum, youtube, and various Honda websites 'creeping' around the CTX1300. I just returned from a 600 mile (total milage) trip to Norfolk VA just to demo the CTX1300. I was very impressed. After everything I have read and the test ride I feel I found my new bike.

I grew up in a motorcycle family always wanted a 'chopper.' When the Fury came out I knew I had to get it. I purchased the bike very quickly without a test ride or any type of research. I have owned my Fury for three years, put 21,000 miles on it, and learned that this bike is cool for around town but not distance (duh). Even after all my 'touring' mods the bike is still a pain to ride after 200-300 miles. I am a touring and long distance commuter guy and the Fury just is not cutting it anymore. My decision to upgrade came after my last 1500 mile weekend trip to the mountains of the Fury (last may).

The best news: My wife is on board! I hope to be the owner of a Red CTX1300 Deluxe in the near future.

Thanks to all for your discussions and contributions to this Forum.

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Welcome aboard! If your wife has any inkling to join you for rides, she's definitely going to appreciate the CTX1300, too. Good luck in your quest -- hope you get that red Deluxe soon, and of course, report back here as soon as you do. ;)
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