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No soap.

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Well gang,we are now moving into the middle of May and none of the STEALERS in this area have a CTX on the floor.I stopped at one place this morning and they told me they have one [JUST "ONE"] on order which,may or may not, be here in a couple of weeks.At the rate these dealers are goin,I'll be dead by the time they get one.lol lol So it kinda looks like,it ain't gonna happen for me.I mean,I can't even look at one to see if I like it or not,let alone drive it.:(

What I don't understand is why these machines are showin up in other areas,and from what I've been reading,goin out the door as fast as they get em.But not around here.I stopped by one of the bigger dealerships in this area this past Saturday mornin,and not only don't they have one,but they're NOT even gonna order any!!Of course,they're also now sellin Victory motorcycles too which ,IMO,is nothing more then an HD in sheeps clothing and is NOT my favorite scooter.

Anyways,it doesn't look like I'll be getting one of these phantom machines anytime soon.So,we move to plan "B","IF" they have any of those on the floor.

So the bottom line is,since this machine isn't gonna happen for me,I'll probably be movin on.So I just wanna say "THANK YOU" for puttin up with me over the last few months and wish everyone good luck with their new rides.Maybe ,one of these days,I'll run into one of you guys,or atleast, one of these "PHANTOM MACHINES",:eek:and will stop and say hello.:D:D Dave!!!
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Don't give up so easy! Maybe if you keep asking them to get one they MIGHT get a CLUE! Then again, maybe not. :(
Honda dealers USA

I don't really know much about supply of the CTX 1300. I know of a few dealers that have them, and because it is a 2014 intro, not many discounts.

The powersports business has been dominated by the ATV's and 4 wheelers, which is something the dealers have been able to sell on a consistent basis. The Honda motorcycle line has been weak the last 10 years, a lot of bombs that haven't sold that well, with questionable market identification.

For instance, the VTX 1800. Most people who had owned these bikes loved them, and when the Sabre was introduced as the "chopper custom", people were looking for a 1800 version, not the 1300. Although the 1300 was Honda's best selling cruiser, the de-tuned V-twin was a mistake. The better approach would have been the PERFORMANCE V-twin that could light the rear tire AND had the Honda reliability.

The Goldwing was a disappointment, I had a 2012 with the electronics being ancient and outdated. My friend has a new Indian Chieftain that has keyless go, a Bluetooth integrated phone system, stereo, electronic cruise, electric power windshield, etc.

You made the statement you hated Victory's, but wait until you see the 2015's. They are giving Harley a good run for the money, I purchased Polaris stock before Sturgis last year for $86 per share...they are a high dividend paying company (see Warren Buffett), and current is at $134 per share. The 2015's are going to up the game as far as touch screen and blue tooth integration with helmets, nav, etc.

My point is Honda can build robots that walk, and used to be the high tech leader, but they have gotten boring. This hasn't helped the dealer network, have you noticed how much competition there is out there? Harley owns 52% market share, and Victory/Indian is taking the rest of the market share making Honda go back to the roots of economical lower displacement motorcycles. Ok, fine.

My question is: A revamp ST1300 engine, and off the shelf components on the CTX 1300...why the high price tag? A Yamaha Super Tenere with a 1200 CC engine, electric cruise, fuel injection, ABS and available electronic suspension, is available for $17,000. Granted, that is with no bags, but I think Honda is a little proud of the CTX.

I like the CTX 1300 though. I think if you are patient you will find more dealers with availability.
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Dave, might be time to plan a fly-n-ride!
Dave man you gotta stick around, place wont be the same without you jabbing bear a bit ;)
This morning,I "FINALLY" got to shake hands with a CTX.Late last night I went on line to another local dealer's website that I had not frequented in awhile and discovered that they had just received a Black Standard model and put it on the showroom floor a couple days ago.So job one today was to get my tail down there to atleast,check it out before it disappeared.Now I looked this thing over pretty good,and to be truthfull,I was disappointed.WHY?? Because it was huge compared to my current machine and bigger then the first two Ventures I owned.It felt tanky when I sat on it and heavier then my Bird [780 lbs.] even though it's supposed to only weigh in at 724lbs.There was a 2013 Kawasaki Voyager 1700 parked right next to it on the showroom floor,and the CTX was bigger.And then I noticed the position of the bars and how they ,literally,obstructed the mirrors just like everyone here has commented on.And then that tiny little windshield,well it doesn't really belong in the dumpster,it just needs to destroyed,period,lol,cause as everyone else has discovered it doesn't block jack sh**.
The next thing I noticed is how the shrouding pretty much blocks access to the motor and looks as though it will take an act of God to get at anything,even the oil filter which looked pretty easy to get at in one of the Honda sites I visited in my research.

And I know it goes like **** and rides nice cause those of you who own em here on this site, have commented on that.

But now for the best part:
When I arrived there,and as luck had it,two of Honda's reps just happened to be there also,and since I was lookin at the CTX,plus they saw me drive in on a " well equipped Tbird" [as they put it] made the mistake,lol, of asking dummy me what I thought of the CTX.So I immediately pointed out the obstructed mirrors,the handle bars ,that POS windscreen that no one likes,and a couple other negatives that were mentioned here on this site that I can't think of right now.DUH!! Then they asked how old I was,my name,where I lived, how many years I had been drivin two wheeler,approximately how many miles had I traveled over those years,what kind of weather conditions I have driven in,what I did for a living and for how long,etc.,etc.,etc.After covering all that,I think they were impressed cause they wrote all that information down,thanked me for my input,and said they would forward it for review.So!! Either,that's actually what they're gonna do,OR,they're gonna put a contract out on me.lol lol Either way,I think this will help every one here and anyone who purchased,or will purchase, a CTX.Anyways,thank you again for puttin up with me, and I wish everyone good luck and many happy and trouble free miles with their CTX. Dave!!!
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Oh, so you met my friends, eh, Dave??!!! Pay no attention to the black SUV down the street. :D

As for the size, are you sure it's not just all the bodywork that makes it seem bigger? Cos I just came off a T-bird too, and I don't find it any bigger. But hey, that's me.

The bars and obstructed mirrors -- they can be adjusted. Most of us have and are ok with it.

The windshield (and fairing) actually do block jack-sh!t. Not what a full shield will block, but certainly more than no shield at all.

Bodywork over the engine, well that's a problem for you I guess, cos I leave that kinda stuff to the experts anyway.

You are an obstinate and picky old bugger, you know that? Jesus, I feel like I'm back on the ST forum. :p
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Dave!!! They'll have to wait until MY contract is carried out! I was first!!!

You should try to get at the GW engine. Or even the ST engine. Lots of plastic has to come off to get to the spaces under the glove boxes. And when I swapped the head cover gaskets on my ST I still had to remove a lot of plastic. The CTX will be much easier to do that when the time comes sometime in the next 100K miles or so. I agree the CTX is wider than many bikes, at least in the front half. But it still doesn't seem as heavy as my ST1100 even though the actual weight is 30 lbs more.

You did get to test ride it on the road didn't you? you didn't say. It does seem to perform a slight character transformation when it starts moving. I would tell that dealer to adjust the bars down so the cables/lines on the bars JUST clear the open storage box lids at any position. Then take it out and get the tires a little dirty.
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