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One step closer

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Well after ringing all round the state and NO ONE has one , I was on my way somewhere on saturday and popped into a honda delaer on the other side of the city , He did'nt have one because I rang them theday before and was told no we don't have one and will not be getting one in .

So there i am looking at these 3 bikes , a red700,,, a red f65 godlwing or whatever its called ,, and right in the middle a red CTX 1300 .

wHAT THE ##### do these guys want to sell bikes or what , so i sat on it apeard comfy , size wise it suprised me how much bigger it was than the 700 , but definetly smaller than the f65 , ,

I'm looking through the mirrors , and you guys are right,there a waste of time , i said to salesman , i can't see through these mirrors at all , his answer , no one else has the problem you must be the wrong size for the bike ,
Ok no worries i said , but you need mirrors so it looks like if you want to sell any you will have to spring for a set of aftermarket mirrors for anyone my size .

I asked the price , not sure he said, but it $18500 plus on roads , quick calculation brings it to roughly $20,200.

Whats the availability of the back rest i asked , don't know was the answer ,, The bikes gonna be for 2 up and she will not get on without a back rest , so its very important there available , can you check i asked ,
Give me your number and i'll get back to you he said , Err Derr , i'm in there don't let a customer of the hook . So i asked is this a demo , No he said , are you getting a demo , Don't know he said ,

By then i was getting frustrated at the lack of knoledge of his own product , so i asked ,HIM HOW MANY DO YOU EXPECT TO SELL . what do you mean he asked , i said well

I've rang up 3 times to see if these are in , and been told NO , i come here 80 klm from home because i'm pasing , and you have one on the floor when you yourself told me yesterday you did'nt have one ,

You cannot tell me the price , you can;t tell me if the accessories are avaiulable , you don't know how to unlock the panniers , (he could'nt open them ) and you don't know if your going to get a demo .

He looked at me all vacant like , and said , do you want to buy it , , i politly declined , and said
Firstly , unless i can get the backrest and luggage rack , i don't want it at all , because its for touring and i need the luggage rack ,and i need the backrest to stop her in doors falling off , so without somewher to put my luggage i cannot tour , yep i understand he said .

Secondly --- i would definetly want to try before i buy , so uless theres a demo floating about , i will have to wait till you or someone else gets one and then try it out . Ok i understand he said ,

Thirdly --- to pay 20 grand for a bike to tour on , which i cannot tour on without the accessories , you cannot be bothered to go find out if they are available , just seems silly , i understand he says .

And last but not least , Paying 20 grand for this bike , which is over the top , but knowing that when they cannot sell them , in 6 months honda will do what they have done to the st the goldwing and the vfr and thats knock thousands of the price , well that may not sit well ,

Ok i understand he said , and then he added , what do i need to do ,to sell you this bike .

Easy i said , Firstly stop telling me you don't have one , learn how things work panniers ect , so you can show me , work out a price i will not refuse , offer me a quick ride round the block perhaps 2-3 kilometres , and maybee just show some enthusiasm .

End result , he rang this morning and told me if i put down a $500 NON REFUNDABLE deposit , i can have a ride around the block , but if i don't buy the 500 pays for there time to set it up .

What about the backrest i say , Err don't know i've not checked that one up .

Fack sake its getting to hard to part with 20 grand , i think i'll stick with what i've got .
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Yeah, some dealers really don't know squat. Just like computer sales staff at some/most stores. I work in that field and usually end up telling them, and their customers, how a computer works that they have in stock. It is rather appalling.
Oh, and I even told our local Honda sales manager some things about this bike... like dropping the bars so the mirrors can be seen and a few other things he didn't know!!! At least he did let me take a test ride... twice... after he lowered the bars. I guess as payment for informing him of his ignorance. BTW- I didn't buy it from him but from another store 2.5 hours away who did seem to know what they were talking about and could find out about accessories.
Definitely need to find yourself a more enthusiastic dealer. This one certainly doesn't seem too interested in selling that bike.

As for accessories, most dealers don't have any info yet. I asked mine again when I was in for servicing on Saturday, and he had nothing and knew nothing. When I told him some dealers were ordering some of the accessories, he said he'd contact his Honda US report and get back to me. I believe him -- these guys have been very good over the years. So some of them have info, some unfortunately just don't. This guy was also surprised that there's no specific info on the Honda web Site, too... he figures, as I do, that they're waiting to see if this bike takes off before they make any big commitments on manufacturing and stocking accessories.

None of which helps you out, though. I'd keep checking around other dealers. Visit the ones in riding distance in person if you have to, because as you've seen, whoever is on the phone may not know everything that's going on in the store. ;)
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Some businesses make money in spite of their incompetence. Just imagine how successful and rich they would be if they ran their business properly.
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I work in the automotive Internet sales world when I am not flying the company airplane, and find salespeople have a likeable personality, but forget the follow up! They live in the now moment, and if you talk to them the language they want to hear, then you will get action. What do they want to hear? I don't have a trade, I have financing lined up, can I give you the money and drive home today.

Part of the reason for this, is the management sees no value in hiring A) more talented sales people B) getting them to be professional about their occupation.
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That's true a lot if the time, Miks. But every once in awhile you get lucky enough to be near a dealer like mine that's been in business for forever, and most of the sales staff has been there just as long.

I got a good chuckle there Saturday morning, when after a day and a half of rain, the bikes that were outside were all spotted and cruddy. They were running the bikes (well, walking them, actually) to a garage at the far end of the lot where they were washing and air drying them all. Running right along with the sales staff was the owner. Now he's no spring chicken, so he could very easily have been in his office directing traffic. But that's the kind of culture this place has. They don't have the cheapest prices (though they're not bad), and they don't have the speediest service dept (though they are known in the area for being very good), but they do take good care of their customers. There are a few good ones out there.
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